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Regular photography jobs

We provide you with regular photography jobs within 20 miles of your location.

We do the admin

We handle all the editing and invoicing so that you can focus on your photography jobs.

You’re in control

You have full control of your diary and how much photography work you want to receive.

Boost Perceived Value

We’ll train you up on everything you need to know about being a part of our professional network, so that you can get a running start on your photography career.

Sharpen your skills

Sharpen those freelance photography skills through our in depth training programmes.

Grow your earnings

Grow your earnings through real estate photography.


FocalAgent work fits in with my lifestyle, I’ve been freelance for 30 years and it’s a great way to fill in the gaps or if you want to build a career out of it. There is lots of flexibility and no pressure. You can take what jobs you want to do and you don’t get penalised if you don’t take a job.
Brendan O’Sullivan
Working with focal is just amazing! The opportunity to pretty much be your own boss while doing something I love is just a dream really. Creating beautiful content and visiting amazing places while meeting interesting people! Us photographers we get to do what we love day in day out while knowing that there’s a whole team behind us for anything we might need! And the flexibility is great too! I I have 2 little boys (a 3 year old and a 5 year old ????) so being able to organise my day around my family or other commitments is also great! Ive been with focal since December 2018 and honestly its getting better and better every day. Its fantastic to see focal grow and I feel privileged that I grow with focal too! I would describe focal agent as the leading property marketing agency in the uk by far!
Nikolas Chondros


What’s required for the trial job?

We require up to 20 photos in a jpeg format
(including meta data) and a sketch floor plan. We do all the post production so you won’t need to worry about editing or enhancing your photos.

We will need to see a 360º trial job but not at the first job stage.

I’m applying for a photography job, why do I need to draw a floor plan too?

We work with estate agencies all over the UK, photos and a floor plan are required by them to put the property on the market.

All we need from you is a very basic hand drawn sketch, we take care of the professional drawing. More information can be found on our YouTube playlist.

What property do I use for the trial job?

You can use any property you have access to. Your own property, a friend or family member, even a show home.

How do I send you my trial job?

Please upload your photos and sketch floor plan to sending them to

Can you provide any tips and tricks on property photography to help me with the trial job?

Yes we have some great tips on our YouTube channel. After we receive your trial job we’ll also provide feedback.

I’ve never drawn a floor plan before, can you provide any guidance?

Yes we have some great tips on our YouTube channel. After we receive your trial job we’ll also provide feedback.

I’ve never done 360° photography before, can you provide any guidance?

Yes, full training is provided. We’ll discuss this with you further into the application process as you’ll require a log in for our Smart Viewing platform.

If you want to get a head start you can check out our brief here.

What 360° camera do you recommend?

We recommend the Ricoh Theta Z1.

What equipment do I need?

DSLR camera, wide angle lens (10mm FF, 16mm CF), tripod, external flashgun, laser measurer, graph paper, pencil, rubber and a 360° camera.

What insurances do i need?

We require you to have professional indemnity insurance with a minimum cover of £50,000 and public liability insurance with a minimum cover of £100,000.

We’re unable to offer advice on which insurance company to use but we recommend checking out price comparison sites.

What is a DBS check and how do I apply for one?

A DBS check (formerly CRB) contains details of convictions and conditional cautions that are considered to be unspent under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974.

We require you to have a basic DBS check, you can apply for this on the governments website.

I’ve sent you my trial job but not heard back from you, did you receive it?

Rest assured your trial job has been received. We receive hundreds of applications every day from all over the UK so please bear with us as we work through them all.

How far will I be expected to travel?

All of your jobs will be within a 20 mile radius from your home (unless otherwise agreed).

Do you pay travel expenses?

We don’t pay travel expenses; we would never give you work outside a 20 mile radius from your home (unless otherwise agreed).

Do I have to drive?

No, you can use any method of transport you like.

How do I book in jobs?

You manage your own diary so it’s up to you to liaise with the keyholder a convenient time to attend the property.

When ordering, the keyholder has the option to choose time slots they’ll be available; this will make it easier for you to book in jobs.

Do you have any current restrictions or guidelines due to covid-19?

You must follow current guidelines for your country and local area and not attend jobs if you or any of your household or bubble are showing symptoms.

You will be required to wear PPE in properties and must wash your hands regularly.

We’ll require you to sign a ‘safe to work’ form before accepting jobs. Further advice will be given during your application process.

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