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10 of the best: an introduction to great property photography

When you’re just starting out in property photography, there’s a lot to be said for learning from the experienced photographers in this field. The best property photography combines photographic skill and a good eye for a clean photograph with the ability to optimally show off a space by getting the angles, staging and lighting right.

Here are our picks of the top 10 best property photographs from professional real estate photographers.

1. Visualisation of space

KeyAGENT property photography visualisation of space

This shot, taken by a FocalAgent photographer, is a great example of perfect visualisation of space. Shot from an ideal angle for property photographs, this photo depicts the length and depth of the room while also showing off the impressive ceiling height.

The lighting is very natural, with sunlight flooding in through the doors and windows. This gives the photo a sense of airiness. Presentation has been considered, too; attention to detail like the vase of flowers and careful placement of furniture and accessories ensures this property is seen in its best light.

2. Perfect vertical lines

Fantastic Frank property photography perfect vertical lines

Fantastic Frank Berlin - www.fantasticfrank.de
Stylist: Santiago
Photo: Magnus Pettersson

The best property photographers use the most attractive features of a property to sell it. The big windows and lofty view from this apartment makes this photograph, as does the sunny sky and abundance of natural light. Inside, the immaculate presentation of the room and neutral colours give this property a sharp, sleek feel.

3. Clever composition

Bristol photographer James Billett property photography composition

Bristol-based photographer James Billett - www.jamesbillettphotography.com

Good property photographers know to look for interesting features and accentuate them. For example by taking this bedroom shot from this position, he creates a perfectly symmetrical composition that’s visually pleasing. Thus, he shows he’s a photographer that knows his craft.

4. Wide angle lens

Gerard Conneely property photography wide angle lens

Professional interiors photographer Gerard Conneely - www.gerardconneelyphotography.com

What a difference a wide angle lens makes. This photo does a splendid job of capturing as much space as possible in one photo, and shows off the open plan layout of this property as well as the yard.

For those looking to buy a home, time is often of the essence and you only have so long to catch, and keep, their attention. Manage that by getting the balance right between clean minimalism and interesting features, like the large doorways and interesting lighting.

5. Aerial perspective

Terry Theiss property photography aerial perspective drone

Terry Theiss Photography - www.terrytheissphotography.com

This photographer has used a drone to get this lofty angle, but other property photographers use poles to reach dizzying heights and show the boundaries of a property and grounds, or the nature of the surrounding area, be that countryside, hills or a beach.

6. Post-production

Property Snaps property photography post production

Property Snaps - www.propertysnaps.com.au

Sometimes, the setting does some of the photographer’s work by being inherently stunning. But there are ways to enhance a property’s natural beauty. Using photo editing software, for example, to post-process shots allows photographers to add in a picturesque sky, adjust contrast levels, boost saturation and sharpen images.

All of this will catch the eye of potential buyers, piquing their interest and making them more likely to schedule viewings.

7. Staging

Jed Pearson property photography staging 

Jed Pearson - www.realestatehomephotos.com

This photo combines many of the essential tactics any professional property photographer should employ. Firstly, staging: all the lights are turned on, the candles are lit and the fireplace is roaring. Immediately, this looks like a home. Secondly, abundant light bouncing off the surfaces makes this space look even more inviting. Thirdly, a non-distorting wide angle lens packs a lot of features into the photo without feeling crammed.

8. Attention to detail


Gavin Hill - www.gavinhill.co.uk

Not every property photographer is lucky enough to shoot such fabulous places, but you do need to learn to make the most of what’s in front of you. The towels are neatly folded, the shower door is open and the space looks fresh and minimalistic. As a result, this bathroom looks instantly appealing.

9. Colours

Property photography - Cottage in the kitchen garden at Rode Hall, Cheshire

© Joe Wainwright Photography - www.joewainwright.co.uk

This is exemplary exterior property photography; the colours are vibrant, the sense of space is masterfully captured and the vertical lines are indeed vertical. Shot from an ideal angle and showing off a number of features from the garden to the front facade, walls and greenhouse, this photo is all set to make a good first impression.

10. Great angles

John Jordan Dublin-based property photography angles

Dublin-based property photographer John Jordan - www.johnjordanphotography.com

How to perfectly shoot a kitchen: like this. The door is ajar, the furniture perfectly placed and the counter tops are adorned with jars and herbs. Additionally, the angle shows off the whole scope of the space as the photo is taken from the corner. Property photography at its best.