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The 45-minute property photographer: How to work smart

Everyone loves a productivity hack, especially when it leads to a bigger portfolio  and pay cheque. We recently blogged about the ultimate timeline for a property shoot and, as you can see in the comments section of that post, every photographer has their own take on how to produce the best work in the least amount of time. 

Whether you're supplementing your freelance photography work with FocalAgent jobs or one of our photographers shooting six homes a day, it's important to know how to get an excellent job done in a short space of time. Maximise your efficiency and you'll see a direct reflection on the amount you'll earn as a FocalAgent property photographer.

So, here’s how to be in and out of a property in just 45 minutes!

0-5 minutes into the visit: Tour the property

First and foremost, you'll need to arrive at the agreed time. Sticking to the all-important Service Level Agreements you made at the beginning of your FocalAgent contract will reduce your admin hours and allow you to focus on what really matters: your photography. 

Greet the property owner politely and take a tour of the property with them to get your bearings.

Take this opportunity to tell the home owner about any home staging (e.g. turning on lights, opening doors) they may need to do, so they can get started with that while you’re setting up.

Photo: Michelle Pattison

5-20 minutes into the visit: Sketch the floor plan

Take your time to produce an accurate sketch of the property. You’ll need to take measurements using a laser measurer. Check every number and feature before uploading it via the FocalAgent app, available for download on iOS and Android.

20-40 minutes into the visit: Shoot the property

Now it’s the bit we’ve all been waiting for: the photography! Make sure you get the six required shots of any FocalAgent job and any others you deem appropriate. Look out for interesting or unusual features; they'll help the viewer visualise the lifestyle that comes with that property.

Our clients often come to us and request specific photographers by name. These are the people who consistently get the best, most interesting shots; so use your photography expertise to capture the property in its best light. 

Photo: Adam Price

40-45 minutes into the visit: Review floor plan and photographs

Make sure your floor plan uploaded successfully in the app, and double-check your photographs with the home owner. Did you get everything you need, or do you need to retake a shot?

45 minutes into the visit: Say goodbye

Now it’s time to let the home owner know the photos will be with the estate agent later that day, so it's time to say your goodbyes and move on to the next job!

What are your productivity hacks for shooting properties? Let us know in the comments section below.