FocalAgent Expert Photographers on: the best piece of kit they've ever bought

By Amy Smith

In January, we introduced our first panel of FocalAgent Expert Photographers. For the next few months, you'll be hearing from: 

  • Rob Buttle, expert on wedding photography 
  • Neil Isherwood, expert on forensic photography 
  • Laura Laws, expert on portrait photography
  • Hennie Wellman, expert on editorial photography

In their first panel discussion, they answer a question that every photographer answers differently: what's the best investment you've made with your kit?

[Editor's note: Check out the official FocalAgent essential kit list for a property photographer]

Rob Buttle, expert on wedding photography

Rob Buttle.jpg

RB: I'm a Canon shooter so for me my favourite piece of kit is my trusty Canon 135mm f2 lens which I attach to a 5D mk3. Its sharp at f2 and rarely disappoints. Whenever I manage to get the couple away for some intimate portraits it's my go-to lens.


Neil Isherwood, expert on forensic photography

NI: Attention to detail is really important in both property and medical photography. I need my images to be pin-sharp when photographing tendons, veins and nerves. My best piece of kit is my Nikon 105mm Macro f2.8 lens and for my flashes, the Nikon SB R1C1 kit. Seeing things so close up and sharp really makes me want to use it again and again.


Laura Laws, expert on portrait photography

Laura Laws.jpg

LL: My canon 50mm f1.4. It's not my most expensive lens by a long shot but I really enjoy the results.  I pop it on and see what kind of artisic effects I can get.  It's worked well with close up newborn work and also in properties if the agent is after some lifestyle/fill shots. I'm about to upgrade my camera so this may all change in the next month.


Hennie Wellman, expert on editorial photography

Hennie Wellman.jpg

HW: My absolute favourite piece of kit is my large Wacom tablet and the pre-programmed shortcut keys I have customised. I can't imagine editing anything without it. 

As little as three years ago, I use to edit single images for hours until they were absolutely flawless. I use Lightroom for bulk processing, but I still prefer using Photoshop as my main editing tool. The big difference for me now is that I never spend more than just a few minutes editing images. It is far more satisfying shooting them as beautifully as possible and only tweaking a little in post production.

Over to you - what's the best piece of kit you've ever bought?

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