FocalAgent Expert Photographers on: transferable skills

By Amy Smith

In January, we introduced our first ever panel of Expert Photographers:

  • Rob Buttle, expert on wedding photography 
  • Neil Isherwood, expert on forensic photography 
  • Laura Laws, expert on portrait photography
  • Hennie Wellman, expert on editorial photography

So far, we've heard about their backgrounds and their favourite pieces of kit. This month, the FocalAgent Expert Photographers discuss the transferable skills they brought from other professional photography areas and into their property work. Read on to find out how these skills help them do a better job.

Rob Buttle, expert on wedding photography 

RB: Moving indoors and out for wedding photography gave me a great knowledge of exposure. I’ve applied this to my property work and knew, straight away, when to overexpose and when to underexpose. I mainly shoot using HDR for my property photography which I don’t use for weddings.

 Rob Buttle.jpg

Neil Isherwood, expert on forensic photography 

NI: When it comes to transferable skills from forensic photography, I would have to say attention to detail. When I’m shooting in the hospital, it’s mainly macro work as I’m photographing bones, tissues, tendons, veins and nerves. These not only have to be pin-sharp but also the correct colours and orientation.


Laura Laws, expert on portrait photography 

IMG_8682.jpgLL: Without a doubt it’s the interpersonal skills you gain from being so customer-facing in a studio. You have to be able to put home owners at ease and to have them trust you in their home. 

An additional benefit is that it can also get you follow-on work! To date, I have two wedding bookings via FocalAgent work and I’ve established great relationships with graphic designers and web developers just through photographing their properties. 


Hennie Wellman, expert on editorial photography

HW: Property photography requires technical ability, a methodical approach and a good eye for composition. I work with natural light and add extra flash when and where needed. Just like editorial and other work, the client’s budget size should not affect the quality of the images you supply them with.  

What's the most transferable skill you’ve acquired as a photographer? How do you use it throughout your photography work?  

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