How to become an estate agent's favourite photographer

By Amy Smith

Getting clients is one thing, but making them come back for more is another skill altogether.

As a property photographer, one of the most important people in your working life is the estate agent(s) you work with regularly. There's a lot of pressure on their shoulders, and if you're able to not only provide exceptional property photography but deliver it with a smile, you're already half way to becoming their favourite. 

But what's the extra 'something'? Having spoken to thousands of estate agents over the last few years, three members from our Client Relations team share their insider knowledge on how to become an estate agent's favourite photographer.

Aimee Bishop.jpg


Aimee Bishop

Joined FocalAgent:

March 2014 

Areas covered: 

North East England; South East England 

Best FocalAgent memory:

"Our 2016 summer social! We spent most of the weekend with the whole FocalAgent team laughing, having fun and getting to know each other even better than we already did. From photo walks to one of the best gaming bars in London, we did so much in one weekend it amazed me. The photography training was an all time high!"

Known for being unphased even on the busiest of days, Aimee puts it all down to thinking about the other person's needs - whether that's the estate agent or home owner. 


Aimee: "First impressions hold so much weight in property photography, and there are a few ways you can make sure you're building a solid relationship from day one. Introduce yourself in person before the first job starts - being able to put a face to a name helps establish an open, communicative relationship. While you're there, discuss the branch's photography preferences. Some of my photographers have even invited the agent out on the first shoot, so they have the opportunity to get to know you and your process. 

When new companies start using professional photography, they're chatty about it. They'll communicate with each other and with the powers-that-be about their early experiences. Keep this positive. One happy branch can mean 5, 10 or 50 happy agents."


Heather Padbury3.jpgName:

Heather Padbury

Joined FocalAgent:

September 2013 

Areas covered: 

South England 

Best FocalAgent memory:

"One of the things that FocalAgent does to reward its tribe is the ABCD nominations, where we celebrate our peers going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. My most memorable moment was receiving the award for the most ABCDs last year. It was unexpected and so special."

Our longest-serving Client Relations expert, Heather, doesn't allow anything to get in the way of quality service. For her, and for the photographers in her area, treating every home owner as if they are the only client is paramount. 


Heather: "To be an exceptional property photographer, there's one realisation that separates the best from the rest. As long as you truly understand that you're not just delivering a product but acting as a brand ambassador for a client, you'll be on your way to being a chosen photographer in the future. Popular photographers have a professional, friendly and accommodating attitude and style, which enhance their clients' brand. 

"In practice, that means always being available to contact directly, keeping an open communication with the home owner, the estate agent and us at FocalAgent, and delivering exceptional photos on time, every time - no matter the property type."



Jude Cater

Joined FocalAgent:

September 2015 

Areas covered: 

From Oxford, through the midlands, Wales, up to Liverpool

Best FocalAgent memory:

"My first year anniversary of working at FocalAgent. Coming into the office and having a cake and lovely personalised card with a picture of my dog Arthur on the back was such a surprise! The messages inside were so kind."

To anyone who knows our ultimate people-person Jude, it won't be a surprise to hear that her advice to photographers centres around the art of conversation.  


Jude: "Open, consistent communication is one of the key skills that the best photographers in my area have.

"Regular updates to the branches make such a difference and keeps the branch staff feeling reassured that any job you are given is in safe hands, no matter how important or urgent it may be.

"Gleaning lots of information from the branches regarding their preferences also helps you produce work that the branch are guaranteed to love. When the photographer visits a property, they are effectively representing the branch, so a smart appearance and friendly approach is what the branches look for.

"Selling a home isn't always an easy thing to do so to show a little understanding to the vendors can make all the difference to the feedback they will give to the branch."


Rebekah Walker.jpgName:

Rebekah Walker

Joined FocalAgent:

January 2017 

Areas covered: 

North England

Best FocalAgent memory:

"Considering I've only just joined FocalAgent my favourite memory would have to be my official welcome drinks... I was delighted by the team's kindness upon receiving prosecco, chocolate and a signed card. It's really nice to feel immediately valued and part of the tribe!"

Our shiny new Client Relations Manager Rebekah is joining us just ahead of peak season. When we met her, we clicked instantly due to her dedication to exceptional service. 

Rebekah: "No matter the industry, something that really goes a long way is under promising and over delivering. By managing the vendor or branch's expectations you can impress them by delivering something outside the standard service - whether it's a personal recommendation of home staging or accepting and confirming an appointment much quicker than they expect."

The most popular FocalAgent photographers do all of these things and more - you can see what else they do here

What are your client relations tips for other freelance photographers? We'd love to know! You can share in the comments section below. 

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