Ideal camera settings for interiors

By Thomas Shelley

Our photographers have a range of backgrounds. Some have a long career in property photography behind them while others are new to the niche, having previously specialised in another area.

When getting started with property photography, it's helpful to have a baseline for your camera settings. These are our tips on shutter speed, ISO and aperture settings for shooting bright, airy interiors. 

Aperture settings for property photography

We always arrange our photoshoots to coincide with daylight hours so our photographers can benefit from the most natural light. Whether the room you're shooting is flooded with natural light or has only small windows, f7.1 -f9 aperture setting will allow you to get the brightest shot.


ISO for property photography

If you're shooting a darker room, a higher ISO setting will enable you to use a shorter exposure time, allowing you to get a brighter, more well-lit image. Try to keep it below 400 though; any higher, and your shot will be grainy. 


Shutter speed for property photography

Your shutter speed is the most changeable setting. When running a metadata evaluation of our most successful property photographs, it turned out that keeping it between 1/60 and 1/2 provided the clearest shots.

In comparison to some other types of photography, you'll find that the shutter speed is quite long. That's part of the reason we ask all of our photographers to invest in a tripod (with a spirit level) and a remote trigger. You can read more about our suggestions for the ultimate property photography kit here

What settings do you find serve you best in interior property photography? 

Thanks to our photographer Adam Price for the featured image. You can read our interview with him here.

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