Marketing masterclass for freelance photographers: website & email

By Amy Smith

As a freelance photographer, you’ve got to shout about what you do. In a new monthly series, our Marketing Manager, Amy, will give you the bite-size tips you'll need to create your own personal marketing plan. Before you read on, brush up on the basics and the importance of exceptional customer service

Your website and email strategy - however big or small - both give you the chance to add some creative flair to your communications. The most successfully positioned photographer websites show the freelancer caring about the visitor from day one. 


3 website mantras

Make it as beautiful as your photography  

There are plenty of free portfolio designs out there, but for something a little more unique, you could invest in a layout from Etsy. Zenfolio and Wix are also reputable options for photography portfolios. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s visually appealing and lends itself to your type of photography and customer base.


Think like a visitor

When you’re planning your site, make sure navigation is effortless and obvious, and keep contact details, including social media handles, visible on all pages. When you're on other websites, make a note of what you love - and what you hate. This is your chance to be in the driver's seat. 


Analyse your performance

Use Google Analytics to find out the source of your website visitors (for example social media, email, organic search) and which pages get the most visits. Armed with this information, you'll know where to plug your efforts in the future. 


3 email mantras

Offer promotions and discounts 

Discounting isn't just for big companies. Freelancers can often see great returns during less busy seasons by offering time-limited promotions. If you know that the third week of the month is usually slower for you, contact your email database with a promotion that encourages them to book during this period. This way, you'll be able to spread out your workload and encourage a steady income. 

Use an email marketing service

MailChimp is one of the simplest to use and has a great free version. Use it to test out different subject lines, and monitor how many people open your email and click on your links. You can then compare them against photography industry averages - MailChimp provide insightful email marketing benchmarks

Send people to your (ace) blog content

When I come back with my 3 blogging mantras, you'll find out more about this part of your site. But either way, you should always use your email to bring people back to your website. Rather than just notifying them of new posts, try a monthly themed round up. If you're a portrait photographer and have three posts about how your subjects should prepare before a shoot, you could send it as a newsletter.

Next month, I'll be back with tips on the best ways to win at social media and how to blog like a pro. Scroll up and subscribe for an update as soon as it's live! And in the meantime, check back to last month's marketing masterclass here

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