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Photographer of the month: Adam Price

Right now, we're working with 760 photographers, and every one has a unique story to tell.
Adam_Price_headshot-1.jpegEvery day, our FocalPro's are out shooting the best in UK real estate. Some are just starting out with us - real estate photography is a booming business, and we're hearing from new photographers every day - while others have been partnering with FocalAgent for years. 
It's a lucrative way to build or supplement your business as a freelance photographer, but don't just take our word for it. We're handing the mic over to the FocalPro's. Every month, a new photographer will be on the blog to give you a unique insight into the daily life of a FocalAgent photographer. 
For our first feature, we’re putting the spotlight on a photographer who shoots for FocalAgent on top of his wedding and events photography work. As well as bringing his photography skills to the table, this FocalPro has built his reputation with FocalAgent and our real estate partners by being an open, communicative and ambitious photographer. Meet Adam Price.
Shooting for FocalAgent since: July 2013
Location covered: Essex
First camera: Canon 50D
Favourite photographer: David Beckstead
Why did you decide to join us as a photographer?
I've been a FocalAgent photographer for years now. I remember our first conversation, back in 2013, and we mainly spoke about my kit, my availability - that kind of thing. I sent them some samples of my work, and it went from there. 
As a full-time photographer without a massive amount of solid, regular work, I saw it as a good way to get paid for the days when I didn't have a wedding or event to photograph. I'm glad I pursued it. Although most of my jobs are with FocalAgent now, I can make them all work around what I already have in my diary. 
Front of home - Adam Price property photography
So how would you describe your day-to-day relationship with us now?
Well, I'd say 65% of my business is FocalAgent work, so I think that speaks for itself. I do FocalAgent jobs every day - sometimes all day. I get paid per job and there are plenty!
It's great to have constant work of course, but the other thing I really like is the fact that I'm working with a great company that supports you when you need it. Just over a year ago, my little boy was born five weeks early, which was obviously a stressful time when my photography career took a backseat. I called Heather, one of the team members at FocalAgent and she gave me all the help and support I needed. She made me feel like I didn't need to rush back in fear of losing out on work, which gave me the time I needed to be with my family. As soon as my son was ok, I called Heather and she made sure everything went back to how it was before. Being self-employed, this was a big worry, but as I was working with your team, I had those extra stresses minimised. I've always found that it's a mutually communicative relationship, and that's just one example of that. 
Definitely - it's one of the reasons you're such a successful FocalPro! How do you put this openness into practice? 
What I've learned is that it's not just about being open with FocalAgent. By striking up a positive relationship with the estate agent branches, always being there if they need me, I can promote my personal business as a FocalAgent photographer. We're all human; once in a while, something will come up but if I do ever have a major issue that I can't sort out myself, a quick call to the team usually sorts this out. Preparedness and openness go a long way. 
If you could give other photographers advice for working with FocalAgent, what would it be?
I don't think there are any secrets to what makes a good FocalPro. Everyone has their kit preferences (I use a full-frame Canon with a 17mm wide angle lens, and always take my flash gun to illuminate even the darkest rooms), but a couple of customer service tips are relevant to every single FocalPro.
Always go to each job with a smile. Selling your house can be a stressful experience, and I find a lot of homeowners get worried when they're preparing the property for the shoot, so I always find ways to make the experience as stress-free as possible. 
Don't be afraid to let FocalPro know if you have any questions - they're a friendly team. There's always someone on hand to contact, and everyone is helpful and understanding. 
A responsive attitude to the estate agents - communicating with them and getting the job done in a timely manner - is the main thing. 
All photos taken by Adam Price of photo-excellence.com.

Thanks to Adam Price for sharing his experiences as a FocalAgent photographer! If you're interested in how you can join the team and work as fruitfully and flexibly as him, click here to sign up. Our team can't wait to hear from you.