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The FocalAgent recruitment process: What to expect

As you read this, hundreds of FocalAgent photographers are arranging and completing property photoshoots for estate agents across the UK. For many, it's their primary source of income and has become a cornerstone of their freelance photography business. But they didn't get there on one attribute alone. They were selected from many applicants in a simple, effective recruitment process.

Over the years, our photographer recruitment has evolved and right now, it's better and more efficient than ever. So if you're thinking of joining those hundreds of photographers on their journey to freelance success, what can you expect after you register your interest?


Step 1: Apply via the FocalAgent website

Whether you heard about us on social media, an advert or from a photographer friend, your first step is to visit the Become a Photographer page. There, you can learn about life as a FocalPro; use our Earnings Calculator to predict your future income; and fill out your details at the bottom of the page. 

By email or phone, we'll be in touch within a few days to arrange a phone interview with the candidates that catch our eye. 

Step 2: Brush up on property photography

Our recruitment team members love it when they hold a phone interview with someone who's read the resources. By coming prepped with all the knowledge about property photography, you'll have a good idea of what questions you'll want to ask us about life with FocalAgent. 

Step 3: Have an interview with our recruitment team

By this stage, we'll be super keen to hear more about your experience as a photographer. During our first conversation, we'll discuss your communication style, personal qualities and preparedness. It's also your opportunity to have any of those burning questions answered, so have a good think about what you want to know from us. 


Step 4: Familiarise yourself with our Service Level Agreements

Congrats on passing the phone interview! At this point, we'll want to chat about the nitty gritty of day-to-day life as a FocalPro. We'll set up some Service Level Agreements that work for you and our clients. In order to progress to the next stage, we'll need to make sure you're ready to commit to parts of the job, such as communication with clients, turnaround times, and a consistently high quality.

Step 5: Complete your first photography challenge

Before organising official training for you, we'll want to see what you can do naturally. We'll ask you to take some property photographs of your own, so we can use them as a reference point during your training. We'll also ask you to complete a floor plan sketch, so it's important to have read the Comprehensive Guide to Sketching Floor Plans


Photo courtesy of FocalAgent photographer, James Hawley. 

Step 6: Get trained

At this point, you'll move on from your personal recruiter to a New Photographer Concierge. They'll arrange your training call to run through the photographs you've taken, some key techniques to remember and, importantly, our customer service must-dos. 

Step 7: Download the App - and welcome aboard!

Once you've completed the training, we're ready to welcome you aboard! We'll set you up with your own login on our App, which you can download for iOS or Android. Then it's time to organise your first job and start your career in property photography. 

So what's next? Take a look at our post on what to expect in your first month as a FocalAgent photographer