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The new life-friendly FocalAgent App: Everything you need to know

We believe in anything that makes our lives that little bit easier. When we launched the FocalAgent App, that was exactly what we had in mind. 

As of today, it's been helping to streamline the process of your FocalAgent property photography jobs for just over six months. All that time, we've been making observations about the ways we could keep improving and now, with the help of 50 early adopters and their feedback, we're unveiling the FocalAgent App 2.0. Here's everything you need to know. 

1. You can accept (and decline) jobs in-app

Hello, easy workload management! Your assigned jobs will appear on your screen for you to read and accept to your heart’s content. If there's a reason you can't accept the job, you've got the opportunity to let us know why that wasn't the one for you. View them in the Awaiting Confirmation section to curate your work.

Hint: the more you select, the more you earn!

2. It stores the keyholder and job information

You can forget about loose bits of paper with addresses on them. The app contains the appointments, addresses, phone numbers and other contact information for each job — for both keyholder and estate agent. It's your mobile diary and address book.


3. It’s easy to upload your floor plan sketches

Just sketch, snap and upload your floor plans to the app. It couldn’t be more simple. As long as you sketch your floor plans before you photograph the property, you can complete this part of the task while you’re still onsite. Just use your phone to upload the images while you get to work shooting the home.


4. It keeps the admin levels down

The updated App sends data back to us in real-time. This means that all of the activity you log in the App (accepting jobs, uploading floor plans, etc.) directly feeds into the FocalAgent system, so your Territory Manager knows what jobs you’re working on and when you’ve completed them. And without those chaser calls, it’ll mean a quicker, smoother process for everyone.


5. Streamline your day

Download the App on iOS and Android. What are you waiting for?

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