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From start to finish: timeline of a FocalAgent site visit

During peak season, our busiest photographers often find themselves fitting up to seven site visits into a single day. It takes a special kind of efficiency to be able to handle a diary like that, so we spoke to some of our top photographers to find out the advice they'd give to others when times get busy. We've collated them all and come up with a golden formula: 10 steps to always follow when you're on a FocalAgent site visit. 

1) Confirm the job via the FocalAgent app

Our Service Level Agreement for all new photographers is to confirm (or regrettably decline) a job within three hours, so it's important to do this as soon as you receive it.

Tip: you can download the FocalAgent App for Android here, and for iOS here.

2) Call the keyholder to arrange a time to visit

You'll need to do this on the same day you confirmed the job, and try to aim for the nearest timeslot that suits your and your key holder's schedules.

3) Arrive on time and tour the property

Larger houses should take up to five minutes, but for smaller properties, try to go round as quickly as possible. This is also your opportunity to point out areas the key holder will need to tidy up.

4) Produce the floor plan sketch

Everything you need to know about producing floor plan sketches in the most efficient way can be seen in our Essential Guide to Floor Plans.

5) Upload the sketch

One of our favourite things about the FocalAgent App? You can sketch a floor plan onsite, snap it, and upload it. It'll be in the system by the time you're home. 

6) Photograph the property

Photographing the property should usually take around 20 minutes, for a normal-sized home. Make sure you get these 6 key shots in, and if your estate agent has asked for anything specific, like feature shots, make sure you get them.

7) Do a sanity check

Open up the FocalAgent App to see if the floor plan sketch has finished uploading. If you're with the keyholder, take a moment to review your shots with them. 

8) Say goodbye

When you're wrapping up with the keyholder, let them know the photographs will be sent to the estate agent later that day.

9) Depart for your next property shoot

Check the FocalAgent App for details of your next shoot - it'll have all the phone numbers and addresses you'll need. 

10) Upload the images

When you arrive home, you can do a bulk upload of that day's photographs into the FocalAgent system. 

What are your tips for keeping site visits efficient? Let us know in the comments section below.