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What to expect in your first month as a FocalAgent photographer

When starting out as a freelance photographer, developing a consistent client base is often at the top of anyone's priority list. Read on to find out the four steps that take you straight to your first FocalAgent job.

Of our many hundreds of photographers, over 300 have been with us for a number of years. They've used their skills in architectural photography to do amazing things for the growing property industry in the UK, all with the ultimate aim of establishing a long-term, lucrative career in property photography.  

If you've been looking at our Become a Photographer page or just filled out our Earnings Calculator, you might be thinking about the next step: once you come on board, what will your first month be like?  


Step one: Getting to know each other 

Once you've successfully joined the FocalAgent team of photographers (well done!), you'll be introduced to your Photographer Relationship Manager. Over the phone, they'll take you through the fundamentals of what to expect – and what we expect – as a FocalAgent photographer. This includes the workflow: how you are offered a job, how to accept it, what you need to do before an appointment, and what's required while you're on your site visits.  


Step two: Downloading the app  

Now you'll know about the FocalAgent workflow, you'll need to download the app to your Apple or Android device. It's exclusively available for approved FocalAgent photographers, so we'll supply you with your own login details.  


Step three: In-depth training: photography, floor plans, and customer service 

If you've been welcomed onto the FocalAgent team, it'll be down to your passion, experience and expertise in photography – whether that's for property or another sector. There are certain aspects of property photography that are unique to the niche, so we'll take you through training on the fundamentals for shooting interiors. This is anything from positioning your camera for the best wide angle shot, through to the most frequently used settings for daylight shots.

Unless you've already got a lot of experience shooting for real estate, creating floor plans is a new skill for many of our photographers. Your Photographer Relationship Manager will run you through everything you'll need to know in order to create a floor plan sketch.

When you're working with FocalAgent, you'll be completing jobs with our estate agent clients in your area on a regular basis. The working relationship you have with the branches is as important as the one you have with us; so we'll take you through a few key pointers on how to deliver the best service to them and ensure you're always asked back for lots of new jobs.  



Step four: your first job 

With all of the training and documentation to be a FocalAgent photographer in your arsenal, you'll be able to arrange your first job! It's a pivotal occasion for many photographers and we're on hand to answer any questions you might have on the day.  

The property market is cyclical and at any given point, there may be a spike or lull in the availability of jobs in your area. You may have ten jobs in your first week, or it might be two weeks until you arrange your first site visit. Whatever the situation, your Photographer Relationship Manager will be able to guide you through the process and help you on your way to joining those hundreds of photographers who've established a fruitful, long career with us.  


New photographers: We're excited to have you on board, and happy shooting! And if you haven't yet applied, you can sign up here. Keep an eye out for one of our future blogposts on the FocalAgent recruitment process by subscribing to our blog in the top left handside of this post.