3 questions estate agents should ask themselves before listing a property

By Amy Smith

We're going to go out on a limb and say it's pretty likely that you've already done a heck of a lot of scrolling today. You've been bombarded with seemingly endless content online and have trained your eye to linger on the most attractive content to you. 

Your potential buyers are no different. When they're scrolling through property listings, they're faced with a huge amount of information. As an estate agent, your challenge is to make sure they remember and linger on your listing.

Marketing homes is a subtle science and it takes talent and dedication to stand out in the crowd. But for every listing, there are three universally important questions. Make sure you ask yourself these three questions, and you'll be well on your way to stepping out of the scroll-bait zone and into your next buyer's diary.


1. Do my photographs display the property to its maximum advantage?

Make sure you're displaying high resolution, professional images that show all necessary views and angles. Get them to look their best by staging the property before the shoot - here's a helpful home staging guide to give to your vendor. 

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2. Am I marketing my agency as well as the property? 

When you're marketing a home, you're also marketing your estate agency to future sellers. Make yourself a checklist to ensure you've got the floor plan, quality stats, excellent copy and an array of light and airy photographs. That covers the home itself. For your own branding, put your logo on all of the assets and make sure you've chosen the most professional way of producing these assets.

3. Is anyone else listing the property? If so, how can I do better?

This is where quality marketing materials come in. A prospective viewer will invariably use the agency which appears to be the better quality as it will suggest a good reputation, trust and quality. So commission a designer to create branded templates that you can update for consistent presentation, ensure your logo is always present, your branded typeface is always used, copy is spell-checked on on-message, and that there is always a clear call to action present.

These are just three of many questions we help our clients ask themselves every time they list a property. We'd love to help you in the same way - get in touch and have a chat with one of our marketing gurus today

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