5 quotes from 2016's biggest voices in PropTech

By Amy Smith

For PropTech, 2016 has been a landmark year. $2.1bn worth of investment was pumped into the sector globally between January and March - that's $0.4bn more than the whole of 2015. The conversation is bubbling. Here are some of the most reputable voices to tune in to as the sector continues to expand in 2017. 

PropTech voice 1: Dan Hughes, PropTech Lead of RICS

“It was reported that the average agent spends 80% of their business day doing admin and marketing their product, not negotiating and closing deals. Technology allows us to invert that statistic so that 80% of a professional’s time is spent negotiating and closing deals and only 20% is spent on administrative tasks.

"Despite numerous misconceptions of both the technology industry and the property industry, we are increasingly seeing the two coming together to maximise efficiencies, increase a business’s bottom line and ultimately change the way we live and work for the better.”

Originally published on RICS, 22nd December 2016

PropTech voice 2: James Dearsley, PropTech expert

"Consider the time consuming process of finding an office or new home. Most people will see 15 homes before they find the right one. Even at a push, you may see three an hour spread over many weeks. That is a considerable time expense for both agent and client. Virtual reality could revolutionise this space."

Originally published on Tech City News, 28th December 2016 

PropTech voice 3: Rob Ellice, CEO of easyProperty 

“Consumer behaviour has changed. No one walks into an estate agent’s office to start their search for a property anymore.”

Originally published on Real Business, 3rd March 2016

PropTech voice 4: Alex Chesterman, founder of Zoopla

“I think that technology is often viewed wrongly as a purely disruptive threat, which in turn has been slow to adopt technological change. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that it should be seen as a force for innovation, not disruption.” 

Originally published on Real Business, 3rd March 2016

PropTech voice 5: Neil Thompson, Head of Digital Research and Innovation at Balfour Beatty

"Consumers expect data from consumer goods... When that transposes into how they buy houses... it's going to have a profound impact and I think the industry has got to put effort into catching up with that because the expectations are already high and it's coming for them."

Originally published on RICS YouTube channel, 1st August 2016

What are your PropTech predictions for 2017? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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