Clocks going back: what this means for estate agents

By Amy Smith

If there's one thing that's good about getting an extra hour in bed, it's literally everything... Or so we thought.

By now, your Facebook feeds have probably started filling up with posts about the clocks going back, even your smartest pals can't get their head around whether we gain or lose an hour, and your mum's taken on the role of official timekeeper, reminding you by text, email and carrier pigeon.

It's chaos, but we're here to help you prepare (and you can read more about being a 'Planner' estate agent here). As British Summer Time comes to a close, here are a few things estate agents need to keep in mind. 

Let's start with the good news.

  • You get an extra hour in bed...
  • ...(which you could use to have an extra beer on Sunday night)...
  • ...And the mornings will be that little bit lighter. Aw. 

And then there's the flipside (sorry). Like the rest of the country, you'll probably be going home in the dark now. Unlike the rest of the country, as an estate agent, you've got a couple of things to bear in mind over the winter.


Shorter days mean... fewer daylight viewings 

With lighter mornings come darker afternoons; meaning more and more of your viewings will be conducted in darker conditions. Potential buyers won't see properties looking their best, so your marketing skills will be put to test. 

Get around it by... using your photos to demonstrate just how light and airy that living room is in the daytime. While walking into certain rooms, make sure you have the photo of that room to hand - whether it's on the particulars or on a tablet.

 PropertyBOX before and after  (2).jpg

Shorter days mean... harder photo shoots 

For most agents, when the clocks go back, the clicks go down. Why? Because as the nights draw in, it gets harder to take a beautiful property photo. Not only are there fewer daylight hours, but the sun becomes harsher at certain times of the day. 

Get around it by... working with one of our photographers add the premium feel; or using PropertyBOX free to enhance your own photos, so they're just as beautiful as your summer snaps. 

 PropertyBOX before and after  (1).jpg

Shorter days mean... worse weather 

In selling a property, you're selling a lifestyle; so murky weather does us no favours. There're no two ways about it: from now on, the closest thing you'll get to winter sun is a Groupon getaway deal. 

Get around it by... adding a blue sky to all of your external shots (without lifting a finger). Adding beautiful weather to photos is a fine art; one you probably don't have the time to master. Let PropertyBOX do it for you. It's the world's first floor plan and photo enhancing app, and you can ropertytry it free here

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