Estate agent marketing: 3 time-saving tools the pros use

By Ben Ferris

You’ve listed on all the portals, you’ve brought the professional photographers in, emailed the database, sent the contracts, arranged the viewings, called the vendors… and breathe.

It's the busiest time of year right now. We know you’ve got a lot to do and not much time to do it in, so here are 4 time-savers for estate agent marketing.



We’ve all been in the ‘browsing zone.’ Users just want to compare and research the options at their fingertips before making a decision. Very few people are going to pick up the phone, instead click a few links on your site and then move onto the next one.

Your website might be getting the views you need, but it doesn’t let you know who they are or why they’re visiting.

Valpal creates a free online evaluation on your webpage, as a discrete pop-up. It allows landlords and vendors to put in their details to get more information about what you can offer them. And once you know someone is interested, have their name, email, and number, that is then a lead you can pursue.

  • Prices start at £99 per month for 1-4 branches, and can convert up to 250 leads a month



Possibly not the sexiest app out there but definitely one of the most useful, DocuSign is a simple, secure way to get signatures on documents. For whenever you need a signature from a client, vendor, contractor, anyone, just open the DocuSign app with the relevant documents, and they would be able to sign by drawing on the device right there. This cuts out all the scanning, faxing, waiting (as well as saving countless papercuts and lost pages...). And as it works on iPhones, Androids and tablets, it can be taken to every appointment. It can also be sent to any device, and is a huge time and hassle-saving app.


For the more social-media savvy, Buffer is a good place to start. It allows you to schedule posts and reminders on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. This means you don't have to make sure you're in front of your computer at peak viewing times, and can just let Buffer do all the work for you. It also provides the analytics, to show what's working and what needs tweaking.

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