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Home staging guide for vendors

If you've been an estate agent for any period of time, it’s a situation you'll know well. You or your photographer turns up, ready to shoot the place in its best light, but the kitchen is full of dirty dishes; a car is obscuring the front view or the kids' bedroom is a mess. No amount of beautiful photography or professional edits can make up for that. 

Do you: 

a) shoot an untidy property,

b) spend precious time clearing up,

or c) make one small change to get the best shots in the quickest time?


Photo by FocalAgent photographer, Peter Campbell

Every home has the potential to wow viewers with just a little effort from the vendors, so it’s vital to get the message across to them that home staging really can make all the difference. You shouldn't have to do the staging for them, so it’s really important to give them the very best guidance on the changes that'll really impress a viewer, and increase the likelihood of that quick sale.

Some home owners may not immediately understand the importance of home staging. Helping them get to grips with the idea is a simple, low-effort way to improve the overall presentation of their property. They'll see the benefits: it directly influences the number of enquiries prospective buyers make about the property.

With so many guides online missing the smaller details, we've collected some of our best tips for effective home staging. At FocalAgent, our photographers shoot many thousands of homes every month so we've worked with our nationwide team to come up with the best tactics for effective home staging. We've put them together as a helpful checklist of simple things which vendors can do to make their home even more presentable for their viewers and photographer.

It’s just another way you can deliver value to your sellers (and your buyers!) without having to spend time or money.

Visit www.stagingmyhome.co.uk to view our home staging guide and download your checklist.