Online or high st agent? Sellers reveal their decision-making process [infographic]

By Amy Smith

Google 'online vs high street estate agents' and you'll get nearly 5,000,000 pages debating one of the biggest decisions a vendor will make about the most valuable deal of their life. 

It's a huge thinking point for them, and a bustling topic of conversation in the industry (as demonstrated at the #FeefoPropertyDebate, which you can read about here).

If you're reading this blog, the chances are you'll already know exactly why a seller would choose a high street, hybrid or online; but as that decision comes to define the industry more and more, we need to listen up. When it comes down to it, sellers are the ones deciding the future of estate agency.

So what exactly makes your agency stand out, and is it what the client actually wants?

Property Academy recently surveyed 14,530 sellers, who shone a light on their decision to go with a high street, rather than online, agent. 

Bricks vs clicks

Out of the 14,530 sellers, 34% or a little under 5,000 of those never even visited the agent, compared to the 32% who visited in advance.

And although this is most likely the biggest deal of their lives, 1/3 of sellers don’t take the time to visit offices at any point in the process.

This means that word of mouth, reviews, and your website are saying more about you to your new and potential customers. We've recently published an ebook to help you give your website some vendor-friendly TLC. 

Make the decision easy for them

If you're a high street agent, play to your strengths.

Your vendors value the personal approach. 73% of those who went with traditional agencies valued their local expertise and ability to meet face to face, so make the most of that. Show them that you know the area, and make sure you bend over backwards to meet them when it suits them.

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We want to know: do the stats in the infographic reflect your agency? 

Property Academy Home Moving Trends infographic.png

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