Pitcher this: pubs fall outside the top 10 priorities for home buyers

By Amy Smith

Estate agents: what are your buyers looking for?

According to new research released today, connectivity - both in terms of technology and infrastructure - is topping the wishlist.

Movers, it would seem, are starting to value 'connection, connection, connection' over 'location, location, location'. But what does this mean for sellers?

The buyers' wishlist

In March 2017, GoCompare Home Insurance surveyed over 2,000 people who are currently in the moving market. The most desirable properties are located in good neighbourhoods with: 

  • Low crime rates
  • Local shops nearby
  • A local GP
  • And a dentist surgery not too far away

And home hunters are increasingly on the hunt for connectivity, prioritising: 

  • Homes in areas that can access superfast broadband
  • Clear mobile phone signals
  • And transport connections

No surprises there, then. But the real shocker? Pubs, schools and recreation facilities don't get a look-in in the top ten priorities. Take a look for yourself...

Go Compare Home Insurance buyers priorities infographic.png

Commenting on the research, Ben Wilson from GoCompare Home Insurance said, “Location will always be a key factor for home buyers.  After all, while you can improve a property – you can’t move it.  But it is too simple these days to say that it is the only consideration."

A quarter (26%) of potential home hunters prioritised good access to recreation facilities or nature while only 14% were concerned about being near a good pub and just 14% near a good school.  

But what we really want to know is: what are home buyers' priorities in your area? 

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