The estate agent's jargon-free guide to great property photography

By Amy Smith

Whether or not you know your ISO from your aperture, you need the highest quality property photography to make your listings shine online. So regardless of whether you're taking your own photos or working with a professional photographer, consider this your quality checklist.

1) Perfect vertical lines


One of buyers' biggest pet hates is misrepresentative photography. While applying post-production might seem like it's at odds with this, not editing a photo can sometimes leave the end product looking less like reality.

This is most true when it comes to straight lines. Depending on what camera lens you're using, you might find curved lines gives a peculiar feel to the image. Always employ clever editing to straighten vertical lines. 

2) Attractive composition


Sometimes, a home makes it easy for you. If a room has beautiful symmetry, use it to your advantage to take a more attractive shot. 

3) Quality equipment used to its full potential

Hennie Wellman (9).jpg

When interviewing our professional photographers, we pay particular attention to three main areas: experience, availability and kit.

Every person comes with professional grade photography equipment, including a wide angle lens and off-camera flash. 

They're two essential items to make sure we portray entire rooms in one shot, without the danger of any dark shadows in larger or connecting rooms. 

4) Blue skies and green grass

Mikael Lamber PropertyBOX (3).jpg

On one of our rarer sunny days, you might be able to take a great property photo without editing in a blue sky. For every other day, it's a must-do to allow your viewer to experience the property on a pleasant day. 

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5) Proper home staging


Bathrooms can be tricky, particularly if the vendor has a lot of shampoo bottles. Our best advice is to pay attention to detail. The towels are folded neatly and the wooden unit is empty, which helps a potential buyer imagine themselves living there. 

Here's a free home staging guide for you to pass to your vendors before you or your photographer turns up at the property. 

6) Bright, airy and as few shadows as possible


As well as making use of the home's lighting, photographer Bruce Benson has used an off-camera flash to reduce shadows in the far end of the kitchen. The result is a room that looks fresh, clean and inviting, and shows off the room as it would appear to the naked eye.

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