"You could technically operate a business without email, but why would you? Using PropertyBOX is kind of like that."

By Amy Smith

Matt Smith (1).jpgThornley Groves, a leading estate agent throughout Manchester and Cheshire, has 9 offices and 120 staff. Nine months ago they discovered a secret weapon for the industry.

While they're great at selling property, they aren’t great at keeping secrets, so Residential Sales and Lettings Director Matt Smith was keen to tell us all about his PropertyBOX experience. 

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For the uninitiated, PropertyBOX is the world's first floor plan and photo enhancing app. It was developed by the FocalAgent tech team to make agents lives easier, more profitable, and more successful. Which is very nice of them really. All it takes is a drag and drop of any photos and they will be enhanced for you, or (and this is the really clever bit), any sketch of a floor plan will be created. No faff on the computer, no asking Mabel to do it. It is as easy as a click of a button. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Below is what Matt Smith had to say.

Before and after using PropertyBOX.png

“Could I compare it to a professional photoshoot or subscription-based floor plan software? Absolutely. 

That's exactly what we love to hear, as it’s the reason we made PropertyBOX.  

It saves you paying £40+ a month to fiddle around with floor plan software. You have better things to do with both your time and your money.  


“It’s halfway towards using a professional photographer, without having the cost that comes with it.” 

Now, obviously, we're going to recommend professional photography. If you were at the Rightmove webinar on Wednesday, you'll have seen them show the results of a test between the same property listed with and without good, professional photos. Spoiler: the one with pro photos got 300% more leads.  

We'll let that sink in for a minute. 300% more leads.

Back with us? Good.  

Anyway, we know that not every property has a pro photographer right now. It doesn't stop us from wanting to give some magic to every property listing in the UK, though.  

That's exactly why we devised PropertyBOX; to give the photos you have taken yourself a professional sheen and give all your properties the chance to shine.  


“We’ve seen a significant improvement, about a 15-20% boost across the board. 

That's up to a 20% increase in average detailed views on all their properties on Rightmove. For Thornley Groves, enhancing their photos and floor plans isn't just about a specific property - it's about the beautification of the whole Thornley Groves brand.

A service that could increase traffic by a fifth, just from dragging and dropping a few images.


“Today, 100% of Thornley Groves’ homes get the PropertyBOX treatment. We wouldn’t list a property without it.” 

Just a drag and drop and you have brand uniformity on all your properties. And we're able to add watermarks, brand colours, whatever you need to make your photos and floor plans stand out. 


"Think of it like this. You could technically operate a business without email, but why would you? Using PropertyBOX is kind of like that." 

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. To sign up to PropertyBOX click the link below. To quote Matt Smith one more time, It’s an obvious choice really. 


“Let’s be honest, it’s not rocket science. It’s simply exceptionally good software.” 

Oh, stop it now Matt, we’re blushing. 

Try PropertyBOX for free

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