Your Rightmove listing checklist

By Amy Smith

It's kind of like tying your shoelaces.

Once you've uploaded a few properties to Rightmove, Zoopla or whatever other portal you use, you go into autopilot and stop seeing if you're still doing it the right way. 

1) The power of visuals: photos are your friends

No photos on Rightmove.jpg

Yes, that happened. 

As we've said before, photos are important. Really really important. Viewings are won and lost on how the property looks, so make sure you do it right.

Professional photography exists for a reason, and that reason is it sells properties quicker and for a better price, but not every property will demand that kind of TLC. 

Editor's note: if you're wondering whether to use an iPhone or DSLR when taking your own photos, have a look at these examples. 

Once you've got your photos, what order do you put them in?

Look around for similar properties on the portal, and make sure yours stands out.

If this is the 15th photo of the same tower block, show the interior as the first photo.

If the garden is a jungle, but the living room looks a million dollars, then go with that.

But check that you're doing everything you can to make each photo stand out. One company found that switching an interior and an exterior shot increased clicks throughs by over 50% over night

And while we're sure that you love each and every photo taken, more is not always better. Rightmove recommends roughly 12 photos and as we can see here, 6 or more photos is ideal.


2) Cheat your way to an engaging description

...It's ok, we won't tell anyone.

If you're not 100% confident in your writing skills, there are apps that give a helping hand. Run your copy through Grammarly or Hemingway to make sure it's written in the most engaging (and grammatically correct) way. Easy! 

But always remember: no one wants to have to digest War and Peace to find out if a property has a shed.

Having said this, every detail should be listed. Put your English skills to good use. Is it a “bedroom” a or “well-lit master bedroom designed to maximise space and functionality”?

With online writing, formatting matters. Use: 

  • Bullet points
  • One-sentence paragraphs
  • And put subheadings in bold

When you're done, proof-read it, and then proof read it again, go make a cuppa, and proof read it once more.

When they're looking to make the biggest purchase of their life, nothing puts peeple off more then a simple spleling mistak.

3) Extras: Virtual reality and floor plans

What else can you do to help those leads come rolling in? A floor plan is a great way for the potential buyers to see what they could be buying.

Rightmove discovered that properties without a floor plan lost 20% of peoples’ interest immediately, and 78% of buyers ranked floor plan as one of the most important aspects when selling their house.

For special properties, Virtual Reality is definitely the way forward. Hundreds of people can wander around the property from the comfort of their own home. Not only will this generate more interest, but they're invested in the property, having already spent time walking the hallways. 

Make sure you include a link to a Virtual Reality 3D Showcase in your property description.

4) Let your experience talk for you with reviews

Finally, why not tell them a little about yourselves? Your listing viewer could well be your next instruction.

Have you been dealing with properties for 40+ years? Are you your areas longest established, most successful, agent? Won any awards? Don’t be shy, tell the world.

70% of 25-34 year olds rely on reviews when deciding which agent to go with.

Don't be afraid to include a sentence about a previous customer success you've had with a similar property.

When people are skim-reading property descriptions, numbers stand out from letters. If you've just sold a home down the road in 14 days, write that in the description!



That's just for starters. When it comes to making your Rightmove listing irresistable, we can take care of the rest. Get in touch and find out how. 

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