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FAQs for Professional Photographers

What's the difference between Smart Viewing, Virtual Viewings, Virtual Tours and 360?
Smart Viewing is the platform that estate agents will use to conduct virtual viewings. These virtual viewings are an experience for the prospective buyer/tenant where the agent is in control of navigating through the property images, emulating a physical viewing. 

The virtual tour is the collection of images that the agent navigates through. Each image is connected with hotspots that show transitions between spaces, allowing the agent to facilitate the sales process virtually. 360 images are the best images to use for the creation of the virtual tours.

How do I create a Vieweet Tour?
There are two ways to create a tour with Vieweet. The first, preferred, option is to use the Vieweet App to take the photos and complete the tour on-site. This reduces the risk of missing a shot and needing a revisit, as well as making sure there's no work once you leave the property.

The alternative is to use the Vieweet browser to stitch the tour together by uploading images taken on-site using any 360 camera and compatible app. The first of our 360 webinars included a demo on using the browser version of the site. Here's a user guide for the desktop version as well.

Our second webinar contains demos for the new app and the desktop site, as well as a Q&A that covers some of the questions here in more detail.

How do I use the new Vieweet App?
The app is available to download on the Apple app and Google Play.

To introduce you to how to use the Vieweet App, here's the official user guide and a selection of screen recordings of what it takes to complete a 360 job using the new Vieweet App, courtesy of Tom Kershaw (a member of our professional network).

Video 1; Video 2; Video 3

How do I get a Vieweet Account?
We need to set you up with a Vieweet account to ensure you're not charged to use it and so that we can ensure the right logo files appear on the final tour for our customers. 

Here's the form to request that we set one up for you: I have a camera and would like a Vieweet account, please.

What camera should I get?
The new Vieweet app is compatible with all Ricoh Theta cameras. Using a Theta with the app will mean that you can complete the job at the property and not do any additional work later on. If you're not using a Theta camera, you will need to use the browser platform to upload images and create tours at home. We've had good feedback on the SC2 for Business.

Won't 360 reveal all the clutter hidden by the photos?
Yes, odds are it will. And that's ok. Professional photography is used on Rightmove and other websites for the initial wow factor that draws prospective buyers and tenants interest in a property. The 360s are used in virtual viewings, which are used to confirm interest in the next step of agents qualifying that lead.

The virtual viewing is designed as a precursor to a physical viewing, allowing an agent to virtually tour a property with someone to qualify their interest based on more information than revealed in the photos. If they're interested, they'll conduct a physical viewing and see it in person. So it doesn't matter that the 360 will show some clutter - it's being used for a different purpose to pro photos.

What are the biggest customer/QA issues with tours at the moment?
At the moment we're receiving three main bits of feedback from our customers and internal QA team: 
1) the hotspots being added incorrectly
2) the tour not starting with the front external or the front external not starting facing the front door
3) making sure that every panorama has a room name applied

I have bad wifi/data connectivity at the property - what do I do?
The new app is geared towards completing the property on-site. This reduces the risk of revisits due to missing images and means you don't need to spend time working at home afterwards. We understand that the upload may not always work, especially in remote areas. In this case, please save the completed tour as a draft and then upload when you're in an area with a better connection.

The property requires more than 20 images and I'm getting an error - what do I do?
This is known limitation on the app only, caused by the link map. The easiest way to resolve this is to complete the first 20 images on the app and save the tour as a draft. Take the remaining photos using the Theta app and add the panoramas in the desktop site later on.

This is currently being worked on and we will be able to upload as many images as needed when the work is complete.

Where should the tour start?
The tour needs to start with the front shot of the property. This means that the front shot has to be first in the tour lineup AND that the shot needs to be taken with the camera facing the front door at the start so the first thing people see is the property they're going into.

This is achieved by making sure the back of the camera is facing the front door when you take the front shot and then when you build the tour you can order the panoramas to put the front external first.

Why does the app need location services?
The app requires the location services to be on so that we can automatically detect the property address for the virtual tour - no need to enter the entire address manually.

Processing on the Vieweet desktop site is taking a while and freezing...
if the processing takes more than 2 mins, it means that there is something that is not properly working and you'd need to start it again - please follow the steps below:
Click 'Add a new virtual tour'
Upload and process 3 pictures at the time

What if the tour is greater than 50mb?
It should't be a problem - we've made a few changes to allow more than 50mb uploads at the same time.

When adding a link there are a number of symbols that can be selected in the navigation dialog. Is there a preferred link symbol?
We recommend the default one as on the Smart Viewing platform we automatically display the default one.

Why is there only 12 images per page?
You can display more by clicking on the number at the top right - you have the option to display 30 or 60 photos per page. Only the first photo is important in the order as it is from where the virtual tour will start. All the other are automatically adjusted based on the links between the rooms - no need to reorder them.

Is there a marked difference between apple and android when it comes to using the app?
No, the new app will be exactly the same, only some icons are slighly different to be consistent with iOS and Android defaults.

Do I need to use the Vieweet app on-site?
There are two options for creating the tour. The recommended option is to use the new Vieweet app on site and complete the order before leaving the property. This way there's no additional work at home. The backup process is to use the browser version to create the tour at home, having taken the images on your camera using the Ricoh app or similar alternative.

What is the minimum amount of images required per order?
Unlike the pro photos there are no standard image counts in the packs for 360. The minimum requirements are one shot for every space in the property, including rooms, hallways and outdoor spaces.

Do people take the photos and then go around again and do the 360?
How to manage the on-site workflow is up to you and may vary depending on the property. Some people prefer to start with the Floor Plan, some to start with the Photos. With the addition of 360 we expect that some people will opt to do it after the Photos and some at the same time. There's no standard guidance for this and to find the best way for you we suggest experimenting with different methods.

Do I need a special tripod?
No, there are no special tripod requirements for 360s, though you may want to use the slimmest one you have. It's likely that even as narrow as you can make it, the legs will still show in the panorama. That's ok; it's covered by a customer logo in the final tour.

What will help is a tripod with a stable base and weight low down, which can be supplemented with a small sandbag or similar item if needs be. 

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