How long does the average tour take to complete?

Through our testing we have found on average a 3 bed property takes 30 minutes to complete, although some photographers may be quicker.

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How many scans will be taken per room?

All rooms have multiple hotspots (we need to be able to see each room clearly) except small box rooms/ small bathrooms that can have 1 hotspot.

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What do I need to do once the property has sold/no longer on the market?

Deactivate the Matterport on the FocalAgent hub to avoid any unnecessary hosting charges.

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If a camera reflection is visible in the mirror will it fail your QA process?

Yes – we ask our photographers to use common sense to try and stay out of the way. However, on the occasion, it may be unavoidable. If the photographer can’t […]

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What will happen if a scan cannot be captured at the property for any reason?

If a 3D capture is not possible in a room or space then a 360 panorama will be taken. Externals will have a 360 panorama as standard.

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Can we remove unwanted objects, people, or reflections from the Matterport?

No, this is not possible on scans of 3D spaces in Matterport.

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What will be blurred in the Matterport?

As standard, we will blur faces, car number plates, door numbers/property names, documents, business cards, heraldry/family trees and sculptures or artwork showing personal information.

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Where will the Matterport start from?

The Matterport will start either externally, in the hallway or in the largest reception room.

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