Can my client choose the photos for enhancement?

If you’d like your client to select their own photos then please forward them the ‘vendor link’ from the FocalAgent Hub.

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What is photo enhancement?

As part of the enhancement process, we will: Change a grey sky to a blue one – makes the image more inviting and uplifting Make grass greener through colour correction […]

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What will be blurred in the photos?

As standard, we will blur faces, car number plates, door numbers/property names, documents, business cards, heraldry/family trees and sculptures or artwork showing personal information.

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Can I choose more photos to enhance?

To order additional photos, you can access the sample images and select the photos you’d like us to enhance. This will incur an additional cost.

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How are the final photos returned to me?

You’ll receive an email when the photos are complete. If you’re integrated with us, your photos will automatically be sent back to your internal system. You can also download from […]

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The appointment has taken place, when can I expect my photos?

Your sample photos will be returned within 9 hours after the appointment. Your final photos will be returned with 9 hours after they’ve been selected.

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Can I request a specific photographer?

Your order will automatically be allocated to the closest photographer with the best availability and capability of completing the order as quickly as possible. However, if you’d like to request […]

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