Weekly update 6th August 2021

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Hello everyone,

Hope you’ve had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend.

Welcome to the first weekly update in blog format, you can now catch up on all the weekly updates, and any other updates we share, all in one place, bookmark this URL so you’re always kept up to date. https://www.focalagent.com/pro-network-community-updates

Weekly update

  1. Communication and the weekly updateWe’ve received a lot of feedback about how we’re communicating so we’ve made some changes to the way we provide you with updates.Some of you have said you like the video updates we send every Friday, which we’ll continue doing.Some of you have said you’d rather read the updates in an email, so moving forward we’ll be including the main points in our weekly email.

    And some of you have said you want to be able to have easier access to all past updates in one place. This is why we’ve created this private blog. You can now view all previous updates on this blog by clicking here, or the VIEW ALL UPDATES button at the bottom of every blog post.

  2. New photographer app & uploaderWe’ve received lots of positive feedback about the new uploader which is really promising, despite some early teething issues (which have now been fixed).We still have one pro testing the new app for us, providing some useful feedback. We’ll get some more of you on to the new app soon to provide feedback before we set everyone live.We’re doing everything we can to get the new app ready for everyone by the end of August, this may spill over slightly into September but we’re working around the clock to get this live as soon as we can.
  3. Performance scoresAs discussed in last months webinar the new performance scores are coming. We were hoping to get them out this week but they’ve been slightly delayed due to the upload issues we had, we’ll get these out to you in the next couple of weeks and really look forward to your feedback.
  4. Pro network webinarThe next webinar is Thursday 19th August 18:30 to 19:30, click here to register.Last month was the first month we hosted using the new feature in Microsoft Teams. The feedback we received was positive, and everyone liked the more interactive aspect (cameras on, virtual clapping). This month we’ll be adding the option for a written chat too as per your feedback.We’ve got some exciting news to share this month so we look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend 😊


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Tom Claridge

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