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General questions about PropertyBOX

How much does PropertyBOX cost?

There's a range of PropertyBOX offers, however... READ MORE >


Do I need an account to use PropertyBOX?

Yes. But if you want to put an image through the system before signing up to see what we can do, test our try before you buy feature here or use this link


Is PropertyBOX difficult to use?

Not at all. From our first round of feedback, we've found that it's one of the main reasons people love using PropertyBOX. The upload process is so quick and simple – just drag and drop your files and hit “submit”. 


Uploading photos

How quickly will my photos or floor plans come back?

ASAP. We've had instances where they're done in half an... READ MORE > 


What’s the latest time I can upload photos and floor plans?

Submit them whenever you like. We're here to make your life easier 24 hours a day, so our turnaround times remain the same around the clock. When they're ready, they'll be in your inbox. 


Uploading floor plans 

Do my floor plan sketches need to be neat?

Having completed over 200,000 floor plans, the software... READ MORE >


How do I stop others copying my work?

You can have your own personalised watermark on the photo or floor plan, which means no other agents will be able to use it without promoting your brand. 



What will my floor plan look like?

This is up to you. We've made sure you've got the option to choose what you get with the finished floor plan. Whether you want colour, measurements, bathroom fittings or even kitchen utensils, it's your call. 


How about 3D floor plans?

Right now, PropertyBOX doesn't produce 3D floor plans. It's on the roadmap though - keep an eye out over the next few months.

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