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The FocalAgent Purplebricks Skillshare Event

First off, we’d like to give a huge ‘thank you’ for sharing your thoughts with us. As we have said before, your feedback is really important to us as it allows us to learn and grow as a business and improve the way we work with you, and your overall experience with us. The event was incredibly insightful; we gathered shed loads of feedback which we are already starting to incorporate as part of ‘best practice’ for our Operations and Delivery Teams. We won’t bore you with all the nitty gritty stuff, so we’ve summarised the key details below:


General Feedback

There’s lots of positive feedback from our Local Property Experts (LPE’s), who have enjoyed spending time with you and building key relationships. It’s safe to say that they see you as a core part of their team. This is key to ensuring that the customer experience is a positive one, as this has a direct impact on how we are viewed by our LPE’s, and any reviews or feedback that they provide to the business. Keep up the great work!

Feedback for LPE’s and Purplebricks

We’ve received a fair bit of feedback around issues with site coordination, job information, and site preparation, which we are working to address. Chief among them are elements such as:

  • home owners being indecisive around commitments, which leads to cancellations or call-backs

  • lack of site information (flat number, how many bedrooms, which floor the property is on, etc.)

  • home staging needs to be better coordinated

  • arriving to messy sites without any communication to prepare you for it

  • home owners being unaware of what our Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA’s) are there for

  • lack of communication between some LPE’s and their customers (the homeowners)

We understand that these issues can be frustrating and can slow things down a bit, which is why we’re working on having the above corrected as soon as possible! Much of this is driven by changes at Purplebricks - either in their technology or their behaviour - so please bear with us as we don’t anticipate any ‘quick fixes’.


Feedback from Purplebricks

Our LPE’s and contacts at Purplebricks have also given us feedback around our photography. We have highlighted this below, with additional information around how we can tailor our work going forward:

Front external shots have varying quality, particularly when it comes to flats and large buildings. We recommend framing the building centrally with space around both sides and leaving in plenty of drive/pavement and sky (taking care to not cut off the chimneys). By taking the shot as elevated as possible, you reduce the chance of having falling verticals in the image. We appreciate that not everyone has a step-ladder handy, so if you can’t find an elevated position, then leave enough room above the property so that the images can be straightened and corrected in the post-edit; maintaining the space around the property.

There is an apparent disparity in how people define ‘tidy’ when it comes to home-staging. This is a matter of education. We all need to work together to push the message of what we deem as a clean, well-staged home, and communicate this to our vendors as part of best practice. To support this, we are redeveloping content for ‘’ to better manage these communications and provide a clearer understanding of what we expect from our vendors and the LPE’s.  

There are a few common errors cropping up around Floor Plans. Double-check the placement (and type) of windows and doors, as well as their corresponding symbols, as some (like Velux windows or fireplaces) are less common than others. You could also check the room names with the home owners, the LPE, or the local branch to ensure that they’re all correct before submitting them to us.


And that’s it! We’ve tried to keep it as concise as possible, so if there are any points you would like for us to expand on, then please let us know! We’re here to help (and listen).

Before you go, would you mind answering a few very quick questions?

Thank you again for your professionalism, hard work and refreshing creativity!