Wait 'til your vendors see this

Virtual Reality for property is here. It's advanced, accessible and converting at an unprecedented rate.

Seeing is believing,
but experiencing is better

We know your core skill is sales and you and your team are damn good at it. But let's say we could make that job even easier for you.

Present a potential buyer with KeyAGENT's Virtual Reality 3D Showcase and you'll show them something truly extraordinary. Using the skills of an expert Virtual Reality photographer, we'll help your buyers experience fully immersive virtual homes as if they were really there.

403%more enquiries
277%client engagement
95%more client calls
49%more qualified leads

The expert opinion

“The adoption of Virtual Reality will soar in 2017. The VR experience is becoming truly immersive, and we’re even starting to see the first signs of an increased uptake in virtual walkthroughs in real estate... An investor in Dubai can walk around his choice of properties without even having to get on a plane.”

James Dearsley, voted most influential person in PropTech

“A number of trends and technologies could have a revolutionary impact on real-estate and the companies that operate in the sector... VR gives the ability to view and experience off-plan or existing properties remotely, saving millions on marketing, travel and show home costs, all while improving sales conversion and enabling up-selling of options visualised in VR... The property sector, the largest source of value in the world, while an early adopter of some technologies, is still largely analogue, and here lies the opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs and businesses.”

Tech City News 

“Never has the saying "a picture paints 1,000 words" been more relevant. Brands are seeking new ways to build trust. In a world of diminishing physical contact and rising online and e-commerce activity, consumers are demanding a better visual experience. Property searches start online and visualising properties has never been more important. Virtual Reality is the natural next step for KeyAGENT and estate agents, merging visuals with active participation. We're excited to be leading the way for the property industry.”

Rolf Groenewold, Managing Director, KeyAGENT


Compatible with every device

Our Virtual Reality experiences are compatible with every smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Whether you want to embed an example on your homepage, send a link to your buyer or have a demonstration running on a screen in your window, we've smashed every barrier to entry to help you and your vendors be part of the Virtual Reality movement.

Unlock next-level
property marketing

Already demonstrating a 95% increase in client calls, the KeyAGENT and Matterport 3D Virtual Reality experience is the ultimate lead generator - and our guys are the experts.

Your next vendor is deciding between you and a competitor. Let us give you the tools to make that decision easy for them.