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You may have already heard about FocalHome from your territory manager or from Phil Taylor.

FocalHome has been created to help photographers with their businesses and we'd like you to be the first to see it in action.

With FocalHome you'll be able to send stunning photo galleries to your clients, manage your galleries from our mobile apps and see who opened, viewed and downloaded your photos.

Oh and it's free for FocalPROs 😀

We're still looking for trusted photographers to help put the first version of FocalHome through its paces and tell us what they think.

Sign up for early access below or visit focalhome.io, for more information.


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Merger Creates the UK's Largest Property Marketing Group

KeyAGENT (including PropertyBOX) and Audioagent are delighted to officially announce that they have merged to create the UK’s largest property marketing group.

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Black Friday Bargains

Every Photographer knows the drama that comes with shopping for new kit; particularly that moment of deliberating over whether it’s worth remortgaging the house or selling a kidney so that you can get a new zoom lens. Thankfully, Black Friday (23 November) and its geeky cousin, Cyber Monday (26 Monday), are upon us! With just a few days to go, retailers are falling over each other to offer the best tech deals for savvy shoppers. The only trouble is; do you buy now, or wait to see whether there’s a better deal on the big day?

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How to Photograph Fireworks Like A Pro

Bonfire Night is an absolute treat for photographers – hours of brilliant, visual displays that make for fantastic content, interspersed with touching images of families and friends enjoying the spectacle. As with all great photography, there’s a knack to getting your shots right. We’ve composed a quick and easy guide that’ll help you capture those epic moments and boost your night photography skills.

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