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Our Vision & Purpose

To be the brand that helps everyone access and harness the power of visual content


Hello, we’re FocalAgent!


We’re the largest provider of visual content and marketing support to the UK’s vibrant real estate industry.

We’re more than just content producers; we’re supporting a community of creative professionals across the country, and matching estate agencies with innovative solutions to fulfil their business needs.




Facts & Figures




FocalAgent, or Audioagent as we were called back then, was born from a small idea; to enhance the property buying process using video.

57 seconds

In 2018 we knocked on a door every 57 seconds. So for every minute of the year the selling or letting process was enhanced for thousands of people across the UK.

136210 properties

That’s right, we enhanced the selling or letting process for 136210 properties in 2019. From photos and floor plans, to virtual viewings and video tours.


 Our Values