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Thanks for applying.

Thank you for your registration with FocalAgent. You’re well on your way to becoming a Focal Pro!

To complete your application, you’ll need to complete a trial job, and submit your trial for review.

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Complete a trial job

To complete your application, please submit the following assets:

20 property photos taken of the same residential property:

  • All taken in landscape orientation 
  • Unedited 
  • A mix of interior rooms and exterior (front of house or garden) 

1 Floorplan sketch or software produced plan which:

  • Is drawn/produced to scale 
  • Has a minimum of 2 measurements in each room

Upload your trial

What Photography kit do I need?


  • DSLR / Mirrorless Camera with interchangeable lenses which must be 16MP or more.  
  • Wide Angle Lens  
    > For full frame cameras 16mm or wider is ideal. 17mm is passable. 
    > For Crop sensors 16mm full frame equivalent – This is likely to be approx. 10mm but please check your specific kit for crop factor ratio as this differs between brands and models. If in doubt, research online.  
  • Tripod  
  • Flash Gun



  • Make sure the camera is nice and straight and always use a tripod for internal shots. 
  • Try and get an equal ratio of ceiling/wall/floor (interiors) and sky/ground (externals). 
  • For external shots centre the property in your frame so it’s clear which building you are shooting. 


  • Where needed, add flash to lift shadow. Position the flash facing up and angled slightly backs towards you but watch out for and unnatural shadows. 
  • Do not use too much flash as this will results in an artificial looking shot. The flash should complement the natural light not overpower it.  


  • Manually adjust your camera settings to capture the ideal exposure – you want to ensure your photos are nice and bright giving the impression of a lovely day inside and out but without losing detail through the windows. 

Images uploaded must be: 

  • File type jPeg 
  • Image Size / Resolution Between 3000x2000pixels and 6000x4000pixels 
  • Between 2MB and 10MB in size 
  • Images must also contain all metadata relating to settings and kit so that we can fully assess your work.  
  • If using HDR technique, please be aware that the images should be merged before uploading

Photo settings

  • We advise you follow these settings brackets: 
  • Aperture F 7.1 – 9  
  • ISO Keep as low as possible and avoid anything higher than 800. 

What Floorplan kit do I need?

  • Laser measure 
  • Graph Paper & Pen/pencil OR floorplan software solution.  

*If using a software solution please ensure that all dimensions are shown on uploaded version.  

  • Draw to scale – on standard graph paper a good rule of thumb is that 1 large square is equal to 1 metre squared (m2). (A standard graph paper template is included in our Essential Guide to Drawing Floorplans) 
  • Measure from wall to wall in each room and include garages where present.  

  • Each room should have at least 2 dimensions notes (length and width), will have at least one access point (door or opening) and ventilation (window / skylight). 
  • Make sure all windows are placed correctly, doors hinged the right way etc. in line with other symbols. 

  • Include all fixtures and fittings (bath, shower, oven, sink etc.) using
    the symbols guide below. 
  • If sketching, keep lines straight and neat – wobbly lines can be confused as curves.  
  • Lastly, if you are new to floor planning take your time. Speed comes (and quite quickly too)
    with practice. Accuracy doesn’t!

Documents & Fees

  • Public Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance & DBS
  • Public Liability Insurance – Minimum £1,000,000
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – Minimum £50,000
  • Clean Basic DBS no older than 3 years

We don’t require these yet; you can continue with the trial job and upload these later in your application.

Main Products

  • £30 – Photos & Floor Plan
  • £45 – Vieweet, Photos & Floor Plan (360 product)
  • £50 – Matterport, Photos & Floor Plan (360 product

Additional Products

  • £10 – Elevated Photography
  • £30 – Drone Photography
  • £10 – Large Property over 2000sqft or 6+ Bedrooms
  • £20 – Large Property over 4000sqft
  • £15 – Cancellation Fee for orders cancelled on same day as appointment

In exceptional circumstances, we will cover travel fees where we need your help to cover out-of-area orders.