Become a Focal Pro.

Thank you for completing your registration with FocalAgent. You’re well on your way to becoming a Focal Pro!

There are just a few finer details to go through; all of which can be found below:

Trial Job

To become a Focal Pro, please follow the below instructions on how to complete a trial job and submit your work.

Equipment required:


  • DSLR Camera
    • Aperture: f/7.0 – f/9
    • ISO 400 (maximum)
  • Wide-Angle Lens
    • 16mm -18mm FF
    • 10mm -12mm CF
  • Tripod
  • Flashgun


  • Laser Measurer
  • Graph Paper
  • Pencil

Required output:

Please submit the following when submitting your trial:

  • 20 property photos (Jpg > 3MB)
    • Landscape
    • Unedited
  • 1 Floorplan

Quick Tips

Property Photography:

  • Camera settings should be set to F8 / IS0 400 as a starting point – F stop should never go lower than 7.1 as this will ensure the whole image is pin sharp.
  • Vertical lines must be nice and straight – this is for both internal and external shots. A tripod must be used for all internal shots. Tip – set your camera on a small timer delay to ensure no camera shake.
  • Please manually adjust camera settings accordingly. Make the most of the natural light available, you want to ensure your photos are nice and bright giving the impression of a lovely day inside and out.
  • Where needed, add flash to lift shadows – position the flash facing up and towards you. Please watch out for any unnatural shadow casts.
  • Remember not to use too much flash as this will result in a more artificial looking image. The trick is to use just enough flash to simply compliment the natural light, not to overpower it.
  • There should be an equal ratio of ceiling/wall/floor. However, when shooting over objects such as sofas/dining tables/kitchen work tops please adjust the height of the tripod accordingly. Likewise with properties that have high ceilings.
  • External composition should be centrally framed, clearly indicating which property is being marketed. Along with an equal part sky and floor ratio.


  • Measure from wall to wall in each room and include garages where necessary
  • A good rule of thumb is that 1 large square is equal to 1 metre squared (m2)
  • Take a minimum of two measurements per room (length and width) to prevent errors
  • Make sure windows are placed correctly, doors hinge the right way, etc in line with other symbols
  • Keep your lines straight, as wobbly lines can be confused for curves
  • Include all fixtures and fittings (bath, shower, oven, sink etc.

Sample Photos

External shot
External angle shot
Kitchen shot
Bathroom shot
Living room shot
Bedroom shot

Sample Floorplans


Access symbols:


Public Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance & DBS

  • Public Liability Insurance – Minimum £1,000,000
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – Minimum £50,000
  • Clean Basic DBS no older than 3 years

We don’t require these yet; you can continue with the trial job and upload these later in your application.


We take the stress out of being a freelance photographer

  • Editing of photos and Floorplan all done inhouse, just upload the unedited Jpeg files
  • Average travel to a property is under 9 miles
  • Guaranteed payment each month through self-billing, no need to send us invoices for payment
  • We send you work that you can accept or decline on our Pro APP
£30 – Photos & Floor Plan  
£45 – Vieweet, Photos & Floor Plan (360 product)
£50 – Matterport, Photos & Floor Plan (360 product)


£10 – Elevated photography

£10 – Large Property over 2000sqft or 6+ Bedrooms

£20 – Large Property over 4000sqft

£15 – Cancellation Fee for orders cancelled on same day as appointment

In exceptional circumstances, we will cover travel fees where we need your help to cover out of area orders.

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