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Welcome to FocalAgent’s National Property Photography Awards.

We’re celebrating exceptional photography from the UK’s largest network of highly trained professional photographers

FocalAgent’s monthly and annual National Property Photography Awards recognise the outstanding work of our network of professional property photographers across the UK, who capture millions of standout photographs every year for our partner agents and their customers.

How Does It Work?

Each month our photography partners each submit their best internal and external photograph from the month and then they vote on which photos should progress to the final 3. 3 internal and 3 external photos that are chosen as finalists then get shared here for you to cast your vote for the overall winners. Monthly winners are entered into our Photos of the Year award category. Winners will be announced in our prestigious award ceremony each year!

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500,000+ photos taken each month

Vote below for your favourite photo of November 2023.

Internal Photo of the Month Finalists

Internal 1
Internal 2
Internal 3

External Photo of the Month Finalists

External 1
External 2
External 3

Photos of the Month

October 2023 winners…

Photo of the Year winners 2022.

Highland Property Photography - FocalAgent
Highland Property Photography
Pixsolute Photography - FocalAgent
Pixsolute Photography

And That’s Not All.

We’re rewarding Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

We’re super proud of the work that our photography partners do. After every job they are rated by customers; on average, customers rate our photography partners 4.9/5 stars and we have a Net Promoter Score of +85.17 from vendors and landlords. To recognise pro photographers who consistently deliver a five-star customer experience, we collate the ratings each month to reveal the winner of the coveted regional and national Customer Satisfaction Awards.

Professional photos make estate agent brands and properties stand out online.

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