10 Amazing, Fantastic & Wonderful Secret Santa Ideas For Estate Agents

‘Tis the season for Secret Santa!!!!

If you’re one of the 68% of people in the UK who love to get involved in the Secret Santa festivities, here’s 10 wonderful gifts you can buy for your estate agent colleague!

If you’re in the other 32%….#bahhumbug

Secret Santa TriviaThe tech company Reddit holds the Guinness World Record for the largest ever Secret Santa when they did it with 30,250 people across 115 countries.

So all of the options on our list come in under £15 and will be delivered in time for Christmas if you allow at least 5 working days!! So get shopping!

Stress Relievers – £9.99

59% of people experience stress at work and estate agents are definitely not the exception. While a good old stress ball might not actually solve the problem, the “squeeze relax” motion of using a stress ball has actually been proven lower tension! Plus these have a little motivation for when it’s one of those days…Perfect!

The Way of The Wolf – £9.71

Perfect for your “go getter” colleague. A book to help them boost their sales & negotiation skills (and commissions) in 2020. This book is written by Jordan Belfort – the real life inspiration for the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

COFFEE – £Your Call!

Well, vouchers for their favourite coffee chain that is! 80% of people in the UK visit a coffee shop at least once a week so some Starbucks, Costa or Caffe Nero vouchers could make for the perfect and money-saving gift!

A Power Bank – £12.99

Useful and perfect for estate agents popping in and out of the office all day. No one likes a dead battery! This one is just £12.99 and comes with over 300 really good reviews!

A Fun Game – £8.99

A Secret Santa classic…a drinking game. Not sure we need to explain why this could be a good idea for some people! These two games comes very highly recommended and both available for next day delivery with Amazon.

If a drinking game isn’t the best choice, check out the “What Do You Meme” games on Amazon. They have lots of different versions that could make for great gifts too!

Fun Socks – £12.95

What would Christmas be without getting a pair of socks from someone? As extremely smart dressers, a nice pair of smart socks are a perfect fit for estate agents. You can custom socks like the ones in this delightful picture and get them back within 5 business days at Make Custom Gifts.

Head Massager – £7.99

For the agent who needs to unwind after a wasted viewing or a less than perfect client meeting Plus, maybe they’ll let you use it too so you’ll all win!

FOOD – £You Decide

Make lunch breaks even nicer with vouchers!! Good picks – Pret, Nandos or Wetherspoons or the UK’s favourite dining brand – Greggs! Everyone loves a Secret Santa gift that has a side of “saving money”.

More Food – £9.99

For the sweet tooth in the office! These retro sweet gift bundles always go down a treat. Plus no one’s upset that they’re a great sharer! You can get a retro sweets bundle on next day delivery with Amazon Prime so they’re a really great option if you’re a little late getting round to this!

A Classic – £7.99

The final entry to our Secret Santa bonanza, the classic mug. Shower your colleague with compliments and praise with a self-affirming mug that they can proudly post on their desk for all the world to see!

BONUS: Access To An Amazing Exclusive Group

Ok, we’re cheating a little here…this might not make for a great Secret Santa gift but you’re still invited to like our Facebook page so you can get a heads up on all the best property marketing tips and tricks in 2020. Click here to get on board! 

If these 10 amazing ideas fail you, you can always pop on to Amazon and search “Secret Santa gifts”– you’re sure to find something!!

Merry Christmas To One And All!!!!

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