33 social media ideas for 2022

33 social media ideas for estate agents 2022

Get more results from your social media in 2022. These 33 new ideas for estate agents are designed to improve your social media ROI and set you apart from your competition.

First and foremost, remember to think customer first. Social media works when you post and talk about the things the people following you will find interesting.

  1. Use a scheduling tool to post consistently. e.g. Hootsuite
  2. Post inspiring interior shots of your local (and possibly other) properties
  3. Post inspiring exterior shots of your local (and possibly other) properties
  4. Q&A videos – answer common questions
  5. How to videos & tutorials
  6. Point of interest videos for local properties
  7. Property walk-throughs
  8. Host an AMA (ask me anything) – as a video event on Facebook or YouTube for instance
  9. Boost posts (paid)
  10. Create a page like/follow campaign to get more follows (paid)
  11. Share reviews
  12. Incorporate dogs into your photos
  13. Share local news
  14. Share local events
  15. Share local businesses
  16. Tag local businesses and influencers you post about
  17. Use polls to encourage engagement
  18. Schedule time to respond to comments and messages
  19. Schedule time to engage in conversation in groups/on other people’s feeds
  20. Share blog posts
  21. Ask questions in captions
  22. Share content from your followers
  23. Use Instagram and Facebook stories
  24. Use memes or GIFs
  25. Run competitions where people have to like & share your post or other content
  26. Try a ‘7/14/30 day campaign’. e.g. 30 days of beautiful doors in Cambridge
  27. Share ‘gated content’ (include a link in bio or caption where people can download it)
  28. Work with a local influencer to do a ‘takeover’ of your social media
  29. Incorporate emojis (don’t overdo it though)
  30. Share customer stories
  31. Invite followers to tag someone who might benefit/like a post
  32. Share ‘behind the scenes’/A day in the life video or series
  33. Share offers/’flash deals’ (e.g. free featured property for 24 hours)

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