5 Undeniable Reasons To Be Using Property Video For Estate Agents

It’s estimated that 80% of all consumer internet traffic is video.

This means that people are watching more video than ever. 55% of people watch video online everyday.

If estate agents want to capture and hold the attention of potential clients, they must incorporate property video into their real estate marketing plan.

Video Helps You Win More Instructions

Using high quality video is impressive. Well produced video content makes you stand out from your competitors and vendors like that.

73% of vendors are more likely to instruct an agent that uses video over one that doesn’t.

Over the next year, that number will more than likely increase.

Using property video such Point of Interest trailers from Focal attract buyer attention, get more clicks and showcase a property at its best. Vendors who are motivated to sell quickly and at the best price love to see you using marketing that does these 3 things.

An example of a Property Trailer by Focal

As more and more vendors investigate your website before getting in contact, it’s recommended that video is present on your website. It’s also a good idea to upload video in other places such as social media and in your email campaigns.

Another critical factor: 57% of people say that video gave them the confidence to go ahead and make a purchase. This is important for estate agents as providing vendors with the confidence and trust they need to take the next step could easily be the difference between you winning an instruction and losing out to a competitor.

Video Helps Grab The Attention Of Buyers

Part of winning those vital instructions is being able to demonstrate that you are the best possible agency to sell the vendor’s property.

Estate agents who attract more interest are more likely to sell in a favourable time frame.

With video generating 403% more interest, 60% more qualified leads and 20% more clicks than other forms of marketing, it is one of the most powerful tools for attracting large numbers of buyers.

Of course, the portals play a massive role in attracting buyer interest but video, unlike the portals, can be distributed in other places that capture buyer attention. These places include their email inboxes, social media and in Google search.

81% of buyers would choose to watch a short video when searching for a new property and 80% will watch that video until the end. This means that where your competitors’ websites and media are losing buyer interest, using video on yours will not only capture their attention but will hold it for longer.

With people remembering 95% of what they see in video (versus 10% of what they read), incorporating video also means buyers are more likely to remember your listings and offerings over those of your competitors.

Video Increases Your Chance Of Being Found In Search

When vendors are looking for an estate agent there is a good chance of are “Googling” it.

83% of people looking for a local business do just that and a whopping 50% of people who search for a business “near me” end up visiting that business.

This means that estate agents need to do everything in their power to ensure that they show up as high as possible in search results.

Websites that have embedded video receive up to 55% more traffic and are 53x more likely to appear on page 1 of Google. This is because Google likes video and prioritises websites that use it.

Great examples of video for your website include property video tours, estate agency introduction videos and video that supports your blog content.

To read more about effectively adding video to your website, click here and head to the “Promoting Your Video” section.

Video Increases Engagement In Your Emails

Your email list is one of your most valuable assets. Most people – including your potential buyers and vendors – check their email everyday.

Using video in your email does two massive things for estate agents:

  • Increase open rates by 7% where the word “video” is used in the subject line
  • Increases the click through rate (times people click something in your email) by up to 300%

These figures can’t be ignored. The biggest challenges estate agents face with email is (1) getting people to open them and (2) getting people to take action on something in them.

Video is a simple way to help overcome these challenges. You can use a range of video types in your emails including Q&A, personalised video and property trailers. Have a look at our Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing For Real Estate Agents for more ideas around video production that works well in the industry.

Video Increases Engagement On Your Social Media

Social media isn’t necessarily the place where you’re closing deals but, there is no denying that your potential clients are on social media and there are fewer effective places to grab their attention and make them aware of you and your brand.

Businesses report a positive ROI when using video on all social media platforms including Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. Social media posts that use video generally attract 48% more views meaning that where attracting attention is the goal, video should be used.

On Facebook, engagement rates increase by 33% when video is used and people (on Facebook and other platforms) are twice as likely to share something with video.

Youtube is also a really interesting and useful tactic for estate agents. With 65% of people going to Youtube when looking for solutions to problems, Youtube content offers a good option for estate agents to capture awareness, demonstrate expertise and add the value that helps convert someone into a customer.

Estate agents can use a platform like Youtube to share solutions on relevant topics such as “How to sell a home fast” or “Options for raising a deposit for first time buyers”.

There is no denying that video content should be an integral part of your estate agent marketing if you want to stay ahead of the curve and ensure you keep winning instructions.

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