Take Control Stamp

How to take control of your calendar ????

Research by Reapit identified that over 50% of leads to agents were not followed up effectively or worst still ignored; they also highlighted that the most common time for leads to be received was out of hours – any wonder then that agents may struggle to respond.

Calendly is a really clever and free piece of web software that I’d encourage all agents to take a look at – why is that ?  Simple, it enables you to expose your calendar (safely) so your clients can book appointments based on availability in your calendar, no tooing and throwing they just book; you can add questions to qualify that meeting as well.

Simple auto response on leads with an email with your calendar invite on – that’s all it is; so at 2.30am your client could book a virtual viewing with you ????????

Take a look at a demo account I created Demo Calendly.

Focus your time on valuable leads, that work for you and allow you to structure your day.

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