KitMapper’s top 5 pieces of kit for shooting interiors

Our friends at KitMapper have built the ultimate resource for any creative freelancer: a service that lets you lend and borrow photography and AV kit in your city.  It’s pretty safe to say they know their photography equipment. Dave Charlesworth, KitMapper CEO, has worked with Deniz Gurzel, photographer  and KitMapper user, to give their top five pieces of kit for property photographers.

Making every room look its best is instrumental for getting a house off to a strong start on the market, and without the right equipment, this can be a tricky job. When you’re shooting those interiors, it’s only right that you use the proper kit to capture the room in all its glory.

At KitMapper, we’re all about making connections with top creative professionals. We’re an equipment rental network solely focused on serving creatives. We’ve assembled our top five pieces of kit we think you need for taking the perfect interior shots.

Camera: Nikon D810

With a higher image quality and a full frame sensor, the D810 is a real workhorse. The sensor is perfect for picking up every nuance available in the frame. Techradar gave the camera 5 stars, partially because the anti-aliasing feature delivers fantastic image resolution.

  • Price: £60 a day with KitMapper (or £2,382 new)

Camera: Nikon D200

Like its big brother, the D810, the D200 packs a lot of power in a very versatile body. With 10.2m effective pixels and a startup speed of 0.15 seconds, you can shoot fantastic pics from the hip. What Digital Camera gave it 4.5 stars too, so it checks out in the hands of industry bods.

  • Price: £20 a day with KitMapper (or £299 new)

Lens: Nikkor AF-S Zoom 17-35mm

Open the room right up with a wide-angle lens to make sure no details are allowed to lurk out of shot.

  • Price: £20 a day with KitMapper (or £549 new)

Colour Checker Card

There’s no point lining up amazing shots if you’re going to spend hours in post-production adjusting tones. The X-rite Colour Checker Pssport will make sure the light temperature in the room is captured in its truest form. 

  • Price: £15 a day with KitMapper (or £67.99 new)


While it’s an indispensable tool for every photographer, a professional tripod is particularly helpful when shooting interiors. Light levels indoors can beunpredictable, and some rooms will inevitably be darker than others. Using a tripod gives you more flexibility with your camera settings, and will ultimately allow you to take the best, brightest shot. 

  • Price: £10 a day with KitMapper (or approx. £800 new)

Thanks to Dave from KitMapper and photographer Deniz for their overview of the ultimate kitlist for a property photographer. Do you agree? What equipment would you add in? Let us know in the comments box below. 

You can find KitMapper on Twitter and Instagram.

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