New Portal Hopes To End “Dictatorship” With Highly Competitive Pricing

A new portal is due to launch in February 2020 with a goal to “truly disrupt the market” with their plans to charge agents £100 per month, per branch.

Commenting on why agents should give them a try, the new portal, OpenBrix says:

“So, for those who wish to escape the clutches of Rightmove, Zoopla, and OTM, why is OpenBrix the best option out there? We can give you a multitude of reasons: Agent controlled – The OpenBrix platform is controlled by agents, not big name corporations, and not OpenBrix itself. This means that as an organisation, using blockchain technology, we have decentralised the power to the agents, and simply become the caretakers of the platform, similar to a building manager who looks after a building.”

You can find out more about Openbrix here.

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