Phil Spencer Shares Vital Ways To Add Value To Modern Vendors & Buyers

Phil Spencer’s firm – Move IQ (which provides consumers with expert advice on the property market) has released details from a recent survey which uncover some of people’s main concerns. 

Speaking on how this information is useful for agents, Mr Spencer says:

“Your local reputation and recent sales figures are of course still important factors, but the modern consumer is certainly more information and resource-led than ever before.”

Move IQ believes that providing more information & guidance that helps consumers navigate their main concerns is a great way for agents to add value. 

4 areas the survey revealed were:

  • The Difference Between Exchange & Completion
  • The Long Term Implications of Freehold v Leasehold
  • How To Negotiate On Price
  • How To View A Property

You can read more about the consumer concerns they found over at Estate Agent Today here.


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