The secret to winning new instructions. Why ambitious estate agents use these 5 tools to grow their business

If you’ve found this page, you’re probably a lot like our founders Ben, Matt and Tom. They were (and still are) driven to find the best way to improve the estate agency world, finding the secrets to winning more instructions and in turn offering an unparalleled service to sellers and buyers.

Well, you’re in luck, because we want to share the five best tried and tested ways to win new instructions and grow your agency.

Professional photography

97% of all property searches start online and 100% of property searches start with a buyer looking at an image of the property. Smartphone pictures and a quick video of an agent walking around the property just won’t cut it anymore.

We’re living in an age where people engage with professional photography on their phones and laptops for large portions of the day. They don’t want to start looking for their dream home and suddenly see poorer quality imagery than they are used to on Instagram and other social media platforms. Not convinced it can make a difference? Here are some before and after images our photographers have taken while visiting clients’ properties.

Two examples of the improvements that can be made using professional photography compared to phone photography.

Floor plans

If you don’t have floor plans for your properties at this stage, then you need our help more than ever! Floor plans are not only essential for properties, they are a vital part of the pre-qualifying process, showing the layout clearly and simply and building trust by providing complete transparency when it comes to the exact size and proportions of each room in a property.

image of two floor plans printed out on top of each other.

Video trailers

Now video trailers really offer something different and can propel your properties to the top of every buyer’s shortlist. By providing a short trailer displaying each room of the property, the street view and the local points of interest for the area, you can reel in higher numbers of potential customers than ever before, particularly if used across social media platforms. Increasingly homebuyers are carrying out property searches on mobile devices and video is the most effective method of showcasing a property in a limited time frame, on a small screen.

Video trailers clapper on a grey background.

Matterport & FocalViewing

If you’re really looking to innovate and take advantage of industry-leading technology, FocalViewing and Matterport will help you create an unbeatable marketing strategy. Matterport enables you to pre-qualify buyers through a virtual interactive tour of the property where they can view any room from the angle they choose. This saves agents considerable amounts of time spent on physical viewings with buyers who aren’t serious or suitable. With FocalViewing, you can personally guide your potential buyers through a virtual tour, sharing your knowledge of the property and building a solid relationship with them. Not only does this further pre-qualify the best leads, but it also saves everyone involved in the buying process time, effort and money. Sellers don’t have to open up their homes until there is a serious buyer, buyers don’t physically view properties that they aren’t serious about, and estate agents can focus their resources on the best opportunities to secure a sale.

Image of an estate agent taking a prospective buyer through a home using virtual tour technology.

GDPR Find & Fix

If you’re looking for a way to protect your business from potential image GDPR mishaps and aren’t ready to take the leap in getting professional photography, then GDPR Find & Fix could be for you. We all know why GDPR is so important, but Find & Fix can also help you win more business. How? Well, we believe it’s an excellent way to build trust with your clients and demonstrate your commitment to protecting their privacy. Guaranteeing GDPR protection when so many other estate agents can’t help you stand out from the crowd and position you as a reliable and trustworthy estate agency brand.

Before and after example of the protection that GDPR Find & Fix offers to estate agents photographs.

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