The sky’s the limit with our new aerial photography product

Our professional photography creates the wow factor for all your listings but now we’ve taken that to another level – literally – with two exciting new products. Elevated Pole and Drone Photography designed to instantly grab the attention of buyers and impress your potential sellers at the valuation stage. Both are easily available to order from our existing Focal Pro photographer network so it’s a completely hassle-free option that is already proving really popular with our partner agents.

Elevated Pole Photography captures the external view of a property from a stunning higher angle that would be impossible to achieve from ground level. Our Pro Photographers use an elevated pole that can reach up to six metres high for the shot and the results will show your customers that you are going that extra mile to show their property in its best light. Elevated photography is great for getting the perfect shot that you may not be able to get from the ground, for instance if you need to get above a tree or a parked car. Many agents use the elevated photo as their first shot of the property in a listing to really make an impact and to consistently win the click. In fact, you will get five times more click-throughs and generate 40% more revenue with professional photography, so it’s a win-win offering you can achieve today.

The benefits of Drone Photography in real estate will allow you to capture unique bird’s-eye view photographs from up to 120 metres above the ground taking in the whole property and its surroundings, perfect for showing off the area around a home. The 4K high-definition quality ensures every detail is photographed to showcase each property at its best and will highlight key selling points from swimming pools to landscaped gardens and leafy streets to a buzzing city centre location.

Estate agent Drone Photography is easy to order from our Focal Pro Photographer by just adding Drone photography to your regular order for a cost-effective way of enhancing your listings. Your Pro will carry out a pre-flight survey before the shoot to make sure the aerial photography is safe to go ahead, then you will be sent the shots along with the other internal and external photography for you to make your selection. It couldn’t be simpler!

Are you ready to rise to the challenge and impress sellers and buyers alike? Take a look here.

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