Videos or virtual 360 tours?

Driving engagement and building interest with immersive content such as video, professional floorplans and 360 tours is critical for agents marketing properties and attracting new listings in the current market.

But when deciding the most effective medium, asking yourself who exactly it is you’re trying to reach is key. Is it active homebuyers searching the portals for a property, or passive consumers cruising social media?

This is where the content should differ, according to Focal CEO Lee Wainwright in a video interview with Estate Agent Today.

Catching the eye on social media

Videos are the perfect medium for grabbing the attention of social media users scrolling Instagram or Facebook, who may not be actively house hunting at that moment but who may be tempted by a video of their dream home popping into their feed.

Using professional video content, agents can seek to capture new audiences who might like the post, share it, save it – or move to the next step by clicking a link to view the property in more detail.

Branded videos on social media also help elevate your estate agency brand, highlight to buyers that you have exciting new listings – and show potential sellers that you go above and beyond to market properties with beautiful visual content.

Drawing in house hunters on the portals

In the portal environment, consumers are already engaged, interested and actively spending time looking for a property.

Presenting them with information in an interesting and exciting format such as a 360 tour, described by Lee as “the world’s best floorplan”, enables consumers to imagine what the property is going to look and feel like. They can understand the layout, see the size of rooms and even check out the views from the windows.

At this point, the consumer is looking for detailed, transparent information to help them decide whether to book an in-person viewing, and that’s what a 360 tour can provide.

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