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What is the customer order update page?

Here at FocalAgent, we understood that the Estate Agents’ customers weren’t receiving detailed updates about their photography, floor plan, and EPC appointments, which is why we have created this new feature that will benefit both new and existing customers.

The customer order update page is a feature that provides a six-step update process that customers can access at any time of the day. They’ll be shared the link via an SMS message once we receive their order. The improved communication that the customer order update page provides has several benefits for both FocalAgent and the customer. Firstly it helps to manage their expectations by providing them with more detailed information about the photography, floor plan, and EPC process. This will reduce the likelihood of customers having questions or concerns about the process, leading to a smoother and more efficient appointment. Secondly, the transparency of the professional attending their home builds trust with customers, which is essential for developing long-term relationships.

How will the customer access our new update page?

Throughout this process, the customer will receive 5 SMS messages at key stages throughout the process and each one will include a link to the customer order update page. When a customer clicks the provided link, it will give them a comprehensive update with full order tracking. The final SMS message will provide the customer with a link to our Rate Our Service Survey. Collecting feedback is crucial for evaluating the effectiveness of this new product update. By receiving feedback from customers through the Rate Our Service Survey, FocalAgent can gain insights into what aspects of the new update are working well, and what areas may require further improvements.

This feedback will allow FocalAgent to continually refine and enhance the customer order update page, ensuring that it remains a valuable and useful tool for customers. By providing this information, our customers can feel more comfortable and confident about the appointment, which can lead to increased satisfaction and repeat business.

Why is communication key?

We understand that communication is crucial between ourselves, clients, and customers as it helps to ensure a smooth and successful property selling process. By maintaining open and clear communication channels, all parties can stay informed and aware of any important updates. Ultimately, it enables the customer to stay up-to-date with the appointment details, and the customers can stay informed of the process and what to expect. Customer satisfaction is a crucial complement to any successful business. Usually, satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers, make recommendations to friends and family and leave positive reviews.

Why choose FocalAgent?

We’re transforming the way people buy and sell property with our innovative digital products including professional photography and floor plans, Matterport 360 tours, video trailers, guided virtual viewing technology, and game-changing GDPR software.

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