Why does using Matterport matter to your agency?

As the UK property market continues to rebound from the pandemic, our partner agents tell us that vendor expectations are a major driving force behind the recent explosion of 360 tours. Agents are doing so much more work before a potential buyer walks through the actual front door – and it’s 360 tours that are doing the heavy lifting. 

We chose Matterport to provide 3D virtual tours for our clients because it offers the best quality on the market, enabling us to deliver an immersive 3D experience that helps our agents increase engagement and sell their listings more quickly.

It’s a win-win for sellers, who can limit the number of in-person viewings of their home to serious buyers only, increasing their chance of selling with less hassle and inconvenience. Now, who wouldn’t want that? It’s good news for our agents too who can save time out of the office on first viewings and enjoy a higher conversion rate. And buyers benefit from starting their search with a far superior viewing experience that accelerates purchasing decisions and builds a more positive impression of your brand.

Research produced by Matterport shows that 74% of agents using virtual tours grow their market share, with 95% of buyers stating they’re more likely to call about a property marketed with one. Put simply, it helps win the click – and when a buyer then makes that initial contact, they’re equipped with a realistic impression of the property and are keen to move forward. By the time they view the property in person, they’re fully vetted, interested and engaged.

Our nationwide network of 1000+ pro photographers is fully equipped and trained to create beautiful Matterport tours wherever and whenever you need one, so they can instantly add Matterport 3D tours to all your listings.

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