15 Minute Home Staging Tips That Help Sell A Property Faster

High-quality photography that attracts clicks from the highest number of potential buyers possible requires the property to be properly prepped for photos.

If you’re not hiring a professional photographer, knowing the steps for simple home staging to sell a property is a must.

Originating in the US, home staging has been commonplace for the UK real estate market for a decade or more. Across the pond, big homes have big professional home staging budgets; but for our market, there are some simple, easy to carry out tricks that will help you make the most out of your photography.

Home Staging The Kitchen: 3 mins 

The heart of the home offers a strong opportunity for viewers to imagine their day-to-day life in the property. Estate agents can help potential buyers create an emotional connection with the kitchen by:

  • Closing the cupboards
  • Removing fridge magnets
  • Clearing the worktops
  • Hiding sponges, tea towels etc.
  • Clearing the sink
  • Adding flowers or fruit bowls for splashes of colour
  • Moving the bins out of sight
  • Set any dining tables with (white) crockery


Home Staging The Bedroom: 3 mins

Your potential buyer wants to envisage themselves relaxing at the end of a long day in the bedroom. Before the shoot, try:

  • Opening the curtains
  • Making the bed
  • Arranging the pillows
  • Closing the cupboards
  • Hiding shoes etc.


Home Staging The Living Room: 5 mins

Striking a balance between making the decor neutral while remaining comfortable and inviting isn’t as hard as it sounds. You don’t have to be an interior designer to achieve this. Start by:

  • Opening the curtains
  • Removing throws from furniture
  • Removing any unnecessary clutter such as standing fans
  • Adding cushions or flowers for splashes of colour
  • Hiding children’s toys etc.

Home Staging The Bathroom: 2 mins

Most bathrooms are among the smallest rooms in the home, meaning home staging details often have a bigger impact. Consider:

  • Leaving the toilet seat down
  • Removing cleaning brushes and bins
  • Pulling back shower curtains
  • Hiding toiletries from view
  • Removing toilet paper from the holder
  • Hiding bathmats and towels
  • Hanging fresh towels (white)

But this is just the start. For more your complete guide to taking professional photos of property, visit our ultimate property photography blog here.

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