Tom Claridge

Bringing you our winning combination of pro photography and powerful tech

FocalAgent’s Professional Network Director Tom Claridge talks about building the UK’s largest pro photography network.

Managing the largest network of professional property photographers in the UK is no mean feat. We have 1,100 plus pros in our countrywide network, producing high-definition photography anywhere, anytime for our partner agents, even if it involves a boat or a plane to get there! One of our photographers visits a property every 40 seconds and we made over 200,000 site visits last year.

Talent and technology are key

Our secret is to combine the skills of our talented pros with Focal’s powerful technology to create the best-in-class visual content. We only work with professional photographers and that sets us apart from the competition. Our experienced pros are passionate about getting the best angles and the best shots, then Focal post production adds the finishing touches using AI-driven High Definition technology and photo enhancement tools including blue-sky replacement and vertical alignment.

Keeping your customers happy

Our pro photographers not only care about delivering amazing work but they also really get to know their estate agent client, becoming a natural extension of their team. We’re delighted that our estate agents’ customers rate our photographers on average 4.9* for the quality of their work and customer service. As soon as the customer signs up, the Focal system starts the communication journey. The photographer then calls at the property and they become part of that journey. People selling their houses love what we do.

Our photographers are award-winning

We wanted to celebrate our beautiful property photos, so we established the National Property Photography Awards (NPPA) two years ago. The two winners of the monthly internal and external property shots automatically qualify for the shortlist for our annual online ceremony to crown the overall internal and external photography winners of the year. We’re blown away every month by the quality of the entries.

Create more interest in each property

Our pros pull out all the stops to create award-winning visual content. That’s why our agents’ listings get more clicks and sell or rent more quickly – and for a higher price. All our photographers are equipped with the technology to not only create professional photography but also 360 tours and floor plans.

A strong photography community

Our photographers largely work with us through word of mouth. Flexibility is a huge attraction for the role as they can decide when and where they work, so it becomes a lifestyle choice. We have a strong photographer community where we proactively speak to everyone in our network and share updates. Our ethos is ‘ask anyone anything, at any time’. It clearly works as we have about 100,000 interactions per month. Our Focal community is the glue around having a self-employed role. Our photographers run their own businesses and can also ask other photographers’ advice about equipment or lightening for instance. It’s a great opportunity to grow and be part of something very strong.

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