Property photographer’s checklist: The required shots for a FocalAgent job

When you accept a new assignment to photograph a property for FocalAgent, it’s your time to shine. As a general rule, we expect 20 photos of each property and a floor plan sketch to be converted into a digital floor plan by our draw team.

View our short brief on photography & sketching floor plans

To make sure you don’t miss anything out, these are the six types of shots we’re looking for from every job.

Remember: you can always ask the homeowner if there is anything else they would like to see being used to market their property.

Photographs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 were taken by our very own FocalAgent photographer, Peter Hilton. Photograph 5 was taken by Adam Price, our FocalAgent photographer of the month for March 2016.

1. Front of property

Include one photo that uses a ‘head on’ point of view and one photo taken from an angle to show the side wall of a house to give more perspective.

2. Back of property

Shoot the back of the property. If the property has a back garden, take a photo facing towards the end of the garden as well.

3. Kitchen

Photograph the kitchen space from a corner, using a wide-angle lens to get as much of the room in the shot as possible.

4. Main Bedroom(s)

We require one shot per bedroom for each of the main bedrooms, again normally shot from the corner with a wide-angle lens.

5. Main Reception Room(s)

Capture the living room and dining room areas, shot from one corner apart from any interesting features, which can be shot head-on.

6. Additional Rooms

Take a photo of each of the additional rooms, such as a bathroom, hallway or conservatory, leaving out unflattering spaces like airing cupboards and lofts unless there is a requirement to include them.

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