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We can help you win listings. Here’s how.

In a seller’s market where there’s a serious shortage of stock and record numbers of buyers chasing every property, it can be tempting to think there’s no need to invest in professional photography, 360 tours and video content because the property is going to sell itself. In fact, there are several good reasons to suggest a seller’s market is exactly the time to invest in professional visual content that ensures your business stands out online.

Q. Our listings are selling really quickly, so why do I need to go the extra mile?

A. Looking good online helps agents sell properties more quickly and for more money, by reaching the widest possible audience, boosting viewings and creating competition for properties that drives up the sale price. But that’s not all. It also sets you apart from your competitors, so that when sellers look online for an agent to instruct, you’re the one that stands out. It’s clear that you go the extra mile to make every property look its best and you care about doing a good job for the client. It’s basic brand building – and when the market turns, you’ll be in a strong position.

Q. Nobody wants to pay extra for 360 virtual tours when the property will go under offer straight away.

A. You may be lucky and get a quick sale, but virtual tours allow you to do more viewings without even leaving the office and, crucially, vet buyers earlier in the process to ensure you’re not wasting your time with someone who is unlikely to proceed. If a sale does fall through, you’ll be in a stronger position to secure a new buyer quickly – and sharing a virtual tour across social media helps generate more interest. Buyers benefit from starting their search with a far superior viewing experience that accelerates purchasing decisions and builds a more positive impression of your brand. That’s why Matterport research shows that 74% of agents using virtual tours grow their market share.

Q. I’m worried a 360 tour could be an intrusion of my client’s privacy.

A. Since the pandemic began, adoption of video tours has exploded in the UK estate agency sector and there’s no sign of that being reversed. As a result buyers have become more comfortable with 360 tours being used as a marketing tool that is more visually enticing and helps them sell their property for more. All our visual content is fully GDPR compliant, with faces and vehicle numbers plates automatically blurred, protecting clients’ privacy – and tours can be viewed via a registration process, enabling agents to limit access to only the most serious buyers while also capturing contact details.

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